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Why Does My Weight Yo Yo So Much

0.0 00 “It’s totally normal that you haven’t lost anything for the last couple of weeks despite following the plan exactly. If you want slow sustainable and predictable weight loss, you shoulda been a dude” – that’s a conversation I have with ladies on the regular.If you were born without a Y chromosome, you’re in […]

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Should You Use Heavy Singles In Training?

0.0 00 Broadly speaking – there’s two camps that occupy opposing sides of the “how to train for powerlifting” battle. On one side you’ve the Russian / European style of doing things where you focus on lots of sub-max volume to get stronger.…and on the other you’ve the “American” way of doing things which often […]

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The highest value blog you ever read??

0.0 00 Be honest – that was the MOST spam-y headline you’ve ever read wasn’t it? So the only outcome of this email is that I’m either a big fat rotten liar, or you finish it €44,000 richer. No pressure, James.(Before I go on, there’s probably some disclaimer about this not constituting financial advice, and […]

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