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We Want To Help You Transform Your Body
And Change Your Life

At RevFit, all our coaches have their own unique stories of how they ended up being personal trainers and fitness professionals.

Darragh was a very large man who started training to get in shape and totally changed his body along the way.

Luke was a skinny kid who thought he was a hard gainer that woke up a year later with a body like a Calvin Klein model (..."woke up" after a year of insanely hard work, by the way)

Ste is a dude who was working two jobs, and was short on time but didn't make any excuses and trained whenever he could (even if it was before work) and made a very real and significant change to his body.

And James started life as a fat 110kg accountant having competed in powerlifting during college and still managed to find his way back to a lean, abs on show, 90kg despite starting his own business.

But this isn't about us, this is about YOU. We only share our stories so you can see that people just like you have managed to turn their life around to finally have a body they're proud of, while still having a life outside the gym. You can read more about our coaches stories on their bio page here.

It's through our misadventures and experience that we developed and built The RevFit System.

The RevFit System

​The RevFit System hinges on some key principles:


You only need to train 45-60minutes a time, 3 to 4 times per week


Training should be fun, rewarding, and you should leave the gym feeling energised and great


Eating “right” doesn’t have to be hard once you learn how to set up the game to win (and you can eat whatever you want, once you show a little bit of control from time to time)


Low energy levels, crashing at the desk after lunch, evening fatigue and struggling to crawl out of the bed in the morning is NOT normal and can be fixed

If you think you’ve tried
it all before,I promise you – you haven’t tried us


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