December 18

Louise Couldn’t Believe What Happened When She Changed This One Thing


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I often joke that since I don’t have a “brand name” for the nutrition in RevFit, no one pays attention to it. Slimming World, Weight Watches, Paleo, IIFYM / Macros and Atkins get all the glory. You can say to someone “are you paleo” and you both instantly know what’s up.

…but is it the best way to eat? Often times not.

Most of the time, the best way to eat is one that doesn’t have you obsessing over food, starving and hangry. That’s where my new diet – #SELAD enters.

Louise was one of our test cases. And I can confirm based off her results, it works really bloody well.

Like a lot of people in RevFit, Louise had previously been tracking calories. Hell, up until the middle of the year we were still encouraging people to give it a go. We knew we were close to nailing things down, but just hadn’t figured out a way to stop people going off plan and stuffing their face with chocolate yet.

So we tried something different – instead of saying “eat this many grams of protein, carbs and fat” we decided to try “eat this much grams of protein based food, carb based food and fat based food”. So instead of eating (say) 35g of protein per meal, you instead eat 170g chicken. A subtle but significant difference.

See, a lot of people who try to track macros do ok 4/5 days outta 7. They’re roughly on point, but then they’ll have a small slip up because they’re hungry and “saved” calories for later on. So they eat those calories AND add a significant amount on top too, because once you’re hungry – it’s game over.

Worse, they start to OBSESS over food and want to read the label on everything. They can no longer enjoy food, go out for meals and start to develop a really unhealthy relationship with it all.

Louise is a busy accountant with a social life. She doesn’t carry a bag full of Tupperware everywhere she goes, but somehow still managed to drop 6kg over 28 days, while missing 10 days of training due to an injury, AND still have a couple of boozy nights out too.

How’d she do it?

The #SELAD diet.

She stopped eating like a dick, ate 3 meals a day and her plan was based off portion sizes (eg dinner was 170g chicken, 50g rice (uncooked weight), 2 big handfuls of veg, and 20-30g peanuts or similar on top).

So there you go #SELAD diet.

(It’s actually good for about 7.85kg over 6 weeks since we started on members on it in April!)

Wanna give the #SELAD diet a go as part of our next 6 week transformation?  Go here now to sign up: 

…and if you’ve already done that – book your orientation session here:


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