January 18

The Townsend Sisters Lost 6kg EACH


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Meet Trish and Elena. The Townsend sisters. Two Drumcondra natives that know my mum and dad and live within a stones throw of them.

If you wanna test how confident you are in something – imagine someone going off to your parents and saying “your son is a scam artist”. Shite.

So as soon as they said that I thought to myself “oh shit, pressure’s on now – better make sure it happens for these gals”.

They had their reservations, they were joining a hard program that promises BIG results and neither would have had much of a weight lifting background (and I’m sure they’d agree even saying that is kind). They both struggled to lose weight in the past and had tried more traditional methods like just going for walks, doing some exercise and watching what they ate.

By that stage – I was nervous. But I didn’t tell them that. See the thing I have ABSOLUTE confidence in is the entire coaching team of personal trainers at RevFit. They’ve worked with almost every single age / injury profile you can imagine and have been successful again and again without any interference from me.

(Hell, my own 64 year old dad lost half a stone within a couple of months of training with us and I had ZERO input into his training)

So, even tho I was nervous – I knew Trish and Elena would be ok. And within a few sessions I knew it was REALLY on. They both divided in with near wreckless abandon.

Every day they showed up with a smile on their face, never questioned the plan and just did the work. Basically – the dream.

So how’d they get on? AMAZINGLY.

Look at the difference!!!


The fundamentals of weight loss are the same for any age. You need to move more, get stronger and stay healthy. You need to eat less calories by making better food choices. And you have to learn the skill of making it STICK.

Sure, losing weight does get harder as you age. Any 30 year old could tell their 20 year old self that. And it gets even harder as you move to your 40s and 50s. But you know what? Every second you spend bitching about it is a second you spend getting older is a second where It gets harder.

So whatcha gonna do? Have a moan, or do something?

Be like the Townsends – book your orientation session here now: https://meetme.so/JamesHanley

Or maybe you’re just wondering what the 6 week transformation challenge is all about… you can see THAT here: https://6weektransformationchallengedublin.com/join



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