January 18

How Adam Lost 10.7kg in 6 Weeks


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The reason why people come to talk to us in RevFit is because they have a problem to solve. Maybe it’s why you got started with us, or signed up for more info about our training programs.

You have no problem? Cool – stop reading. You’ve no need for a solution.

But trust me, a problem IS there. Even if you don’t immediately recognise it.

And worse still – if you DO recognise it, why haven’t you fixed it? Why haven’t you fixed yourself?

The reason is that for most – they don’t even know what they don’t know about training or nutrition, where to start getting help, what kind of help is available, the questions to ask, or what they should expect from a gym or coach.

Or… even worse than all that – they know what to do, but can’t do it because the overwhelm is just too much.

So – what should you do? What are your options?

Let me break it down for you today. You’ve basically got 3 options;

#1: Join a big gym, pay €29 per month and get an access card to get in the door. Now – you’re on your own.

#2: Get a personal trainer, pay €30-60 per session, have them hold your hand thru it, maybe get some nutrition guidance, maybe not. Then rock up to the gym on your own one day and realise that without them telling you exactly what to do, you’re lost. On your own.

#3: Come play with us in RevFit. Pay somewhere between €30 and €45 per week for up to 5x personal trainer lead sessions each week. And get;

✅Access to our complete 6 week transformation blueprint including:

✅A Step by step meal plan that helps guys and girls lose between 5 and 11kg in just 6 weeks. It  tells you exactly what to eat, when to eat it, how much of it to buy, and how to cook an entire week of food in < 90 minutes

✅Your own personal accountability coach who will hold your hand thru every step of the process checking in weekly to make sure you’re making your training sessions, giving feedback on your weigh ins and progress and reviewing your training journal and shopping list each week to guarantee infinitely faster progress than you’d get on your own

(…and obviously that’s in ADDITION to being coached thru every single workout by one of our personal training team!)

After your first 6 weeks a complete reevaluation of your progress, goals, needs and nutritional requirements before moving on to phase 2 of your body transformation.

And yup – while all that might sound a bit overwhelming and a lot to take in, the cliff notes are simple.

Show up at least 3 times per week. Eat what we tell you to eat. Do the best job you can to not completely ruin a hard week of work Monday to Friday on the weekend. And you’ll lose 10.7kg just like Adam.

Did I mention Adam paid absolutely nothing for this transformation? Not a single cent. For real.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there were a few conditions (you gotta show up and train, do before and after pics, write a review on facebook after the program, pay a security deposit to make sure you don’t disappear and we never see you again) but after completing all those steps and doing his final weigh out on Saturday – he got a full refund to use as future training credit with us to make sure he KEEPS the results instead of regaining all the weight again like so many do in other gyms.

Know why? Because he did what he said he would, so we did what we said we would. That’s how teams work.

Wanna be part of the team?

Just book your orientation sesh here: https://meetme.so/JamesHanley

We only take on 5 new clients per week, so please – if you’re not serious about changing your life, don’t kick our tyres 😂

Talk soon,
James “omg but the people on the internet said there was no way it was true, it must be a scam, now I realised those haters were just jealous” Hanley

PS – if you’ve got a session booked already, good job on taking the first step. We’ll see you soon!








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