December 19

Claire Started A New Job, Joined A Gym and Transformed Her Body


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I was recently talking to someone who asked if personal training is good value. She asked if €600 up front for 3 days per week, for 3 months was good value. That’s about €16 per session.

Is it good value? I dunno. Didn’t know the trainer so can’t comment. But it’s cheap. (and I KNOW you know that’s not always good). In the end she got a lot of conflicting advice.

My favourite was;

“Why don’t you just go walking, and perhaps gentle jogging on soft ground. Won’t cost anything and you’ll get fit.”

It’s like telling someone who’s car has brake problems to “just drive really slowly and keep an eye up ahead to make sure you don’t hit anything”. Madness.

But there is so much bullshit out there, it’s easy to see why people get confused. Especially if they don’t know the gym or trainer personally.

It was like that for Claire. Just outta college, waiting to start a new job, eager to get into a good routine before that. But she’d never been in a gym, had no clue what she was doing, and wasn’t sure if a coached program was for her.

Should coulda just tried to figure it out on her own. Like this piece of advice I heard recently;

“You could look up a beginners weight training program, watch videos of the form and practice just the movements, get comfortable then take it into the gym and add weights. Amount of cardio added depending on your goals.

Diet is the crucial part, you will need to find out your maintenance and eat under or over that depending on your goal.”

You could absolutely do that. But would you get results like Claire? Probably not. If you were gonna get results like that, you’d have them already and wouldn’t be reading this mail.

So why the resistance? Why don’t people just work with a trainer? The longer I’m doing this (7 years now), the more I realise it’s just one reason; FEAR.

Fear of “what if I make a fool of myself”

Fear of “what if I try and fail, will I be fat forever?”

Fear of “what if I spend all this money and get no results”

And fear that “I’ll have to give up my social life, eat nothing but stanky boiled chicken and broccoli boiled to within an inch of its life”

Put it like that – it doesn’t like much fun. AND you have to get a little uncomfortable, sweat a bit, and deal with some mild pain the next day.

But that’s what Claire did, and look at what she got outta it;



The reason why you probably think results like this aren’t possible isn’t because you’re lazy. And it’s not because you’re too unfit. It’s simply because no one has ever shown you what to do.

They haven’t watched every single training session to make sure you’re doing things right, working hard enough (but not too hard) and adjusting as necessary.

They’ve never assessed your injury history and built a plan around it that could help you feel better, rather than worse.

They haven’t told you what to eat in simple understandable “real person” terms instead of confusing trainer speak.

And they certainly haven’t been checking in with you weekly with regular weigh ins and catch up sessions to make sure you’re on track, and kill anything you’re struggling with before it progresses further and makes you want to quit.

But we do.

In fact, it’s EXACTLY what we do on our 6 week transformation challenge journey.

Most people, like Claire, love it so much they’ll still be here 6 months later. You’ve been warned.

You can find out more about when our next challenge is starting here:

OR if you’ve already signed up and that’s how you ended up on this page – book your orientation session here now:

PS – Claire has gotten SUBSTANTIALLY stronger and more toned since then too. I think she was squatting like 5kg DBs at the start and is up shifting 40-50kg+ now and finally feels comfortable in the gym.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that in 6 weeks?

How much would your life be different?



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