March 25

Another entry into the 20kg club

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If you’ve over 20kg to lose, today’s email makes for essential reading. Not just because it’s motivational story of a golf mad RevFit member who did it, but because it contains the exact calories, training sessions and work he did since October 2017 to get there.

(…in truth, I’m writing this email on 19-02 because by the time you read it I’ll be in Sydney, and wanted to get as much work cued up as possible in advance – so there’s a very real shot of that 20kg turning to 23-25kg between now and then)

ANYWAY. Here’s how he did it…

1) he joined RevFit *plug plug plug*

2) he jumped on board with our initial 6-week transformation nutrition plan

3) he followed our reverse diet protocol over Xmas

4) and then followed on with another 6-week nutrition plan over January to get where he is today

…and because I’ve been religiously tracking the last few months of everyone’s nutrition, I can give you the exact numbers he ate all the way thru 🙂

So, here’s the timeline;

3rd October – 130.9kg
Joins RevFit, weighs 130.9kg, starts to tidy up nutrition and watch what he eats

31st October – 127.2kg
Starts the first block of 6-week transformation nutrition here.

For the first week he eats 1,794kcals per day on average (it’s our 50% deficit week), 200g of protein, 165g of carbs and 65g of fat. Finishes the week at 125.6kg

7th November – 125.6kg
We transition him onto the 25% deficit we use for most of our moderately active clients and over the next 4 weeks he average out at the following calories and macros each day;

Calories – 2,333
Protein – 179
Carbs – 204
Fats – 86

Weight ends up down at 120.2kg 4 weeks later.

5th December – 120.2kg
We’re into the final push week before we taper calories back up for xmas. Another 50% deficit. He eats 1,741 kcals each day on average and 183g protein, 119g carbs and 56g fat.

He finishes the week at 119kg on the nose. A drop of 8.2kg over the first 6 weeks!!!

The most surprising part of the entire process is that he only trained 17 times over the entire 6 week period – and the ONLY time he trained more than 3 times in a given week was during his first week where he did 4.

What does that tell you? You don’t need to become some fitfam freak who trains more and evening 6 days each week and eats nothing but brocolli and boiled chicken to lose weight.

I know for a fact there were pints during that time for this lad too, and a couple of xmas nights out.

On Monday, we’ll talk about the reverse diet that kept him on track over xmas and set him up for a run into January where he lost another 9.6kg!


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