Meet The Team

James Hanley - Founder

James is the founder of RevFit. He keeps the plates spinning behind the scenes. James started RevFit in 2012 after leaving his job as an accountant to pursue his passion for fitness.

He spent most of his teens and twenties competing nationally and internationally in powerlifting, along with some brief stints in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and CrossFit.

James is passionate about building an awesome fitness community and helping clients of all fitness levels to achieve their goals.

Luke Curran - Gym Manager

Luke is our gym manager and most senior coach, with over a decades coaching behind him. He deals with all the program modifications or workarounds that may be required for members with injuries or limitations, short or long term.

He has a great attention to detail, keen coaching eye, and has worked with national level athletes across multiple sports. All of which he puts to use to help people find ways to progress regardless of what challenges may face them.

Niall Callery - Senior Coach

Niall's undergone his own transformation over the last 12 months gaining a significant amount of muscle and strength after retiring from playing football. He knows exactly what it takes to create and follow a program that builds serious strength and muscle.

Despite being a large and strong man he's know for how friendly he is and always has a welcoming smile, encouraging words and a (socially distanced!) pat on the back for new members.

Dave Smith - Senior Coach

Dave's a CrossFit'n Weightlifting Jiu Jitsu loving world traveller. Known as "handsome Dave" to our coaches and members, he's worked with many different clients with a vast array of goals and always has a warm smile, kind words and enthusiastic encouragement for new members.

Ian Mahon - New Member Consultant

Ian's the newest member of the Revolution Fitness team and is our new member on-boarding specialist. When you first join Revolution Fitness, Ian will be the one carrying out your consultation, finding out about your history, what you've struggled with in the past and helping you to build an easy to follow roadmap to make sure you're successful long term this time.

He's kind, compassionate and knows getting started isn't always easy - and will do everything he can to make that first step easier for you.

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