February 25

RevFit Member Events & Social Calendar – 2019


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I dunno about you guys, but I always find that trying to organise a group of people for anything other than a last minute trip to the pub to be a total disaster.

I’ve had so many conversations with members, coaches and friends about wanting to do things that are SLIGHTLY outside the norm but being unable to coordinate schedules with friends because of weddings, holidays, trips, kids and all the time drains that being a real adult brings.

Considering all this, as a team, we figured – why not use “work” as an excuse to do some fun things and get y’all involved too?

So, accordingly, I present to you a list of planned events for 2019.

I’ll be getting in touch with you every few weeks with a reminder of the upcoming events and how to sign up. Some of them will be free (mostly the in gym stuff), some won’t.

To keep things simple, for most of the things happening outside of the gym, I’ll just send you a link on where to book it and let you handle it yourself 🙂

We’re gonna keep it SUPER low key in March and do a trip to the Glasnevin Farmers Market after bootcamp on Saturday 30th @ 1130am or so.

You DO know about the Glasnevin Farmers Market right?

(guilty admission time – I first heard about it like 3 years ago but up until last month had never been)

It’s amazing, and it’s just around the corner.

More info on it here: http://www.honest2goodness.ie/





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