March 16

I Started Wearing Shirts Again

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I remember a long time ago having a conversation with one of my friends about how they wore hoodies cos it let them hide parts of their bodies they didn’t like. I was a bit surprised at the time to hear it because it’s not something I’d ever really considered.

I never thought that a guy would be so self-conscious that he’d pop on a baggy hood to conceal their stomach and moobs. But I never forgot the convo.

A short while later, I’d a similar conversation with one of our members about how she always wore leggings and baggy jumpers to hide her legs and bum. I asked if she could remember the last time she wore a nice dress.

(she couldn’t)

And it really struck me – how shit is it that people have to suffer like this? How shit is it that they pick clothes based off people NOT looking at them or paying attention to them, rather than as a celebration of their body and a way to communicate with people.

Clothing should be a celebration, a sense of who you are, what you believe and make a statement about you. But way too many people’s default statement is “don’t look at me, I’m not happy”. And that’s awful. Like really upsetting for me.

So you can imagine my delighted when one of our clients turned around to me the other day and said he’d started wearing shirts again. At first, I was a bit taken aback, what did he mean; “again”? And then I quickly twigged it. He’s feeling more confident and happy about his body.

Fucking A!

…just one problem. His shirt’s don’t fit properly anymore – the center button is blowing out because his posture is better (thank you back work!) and his shoulders, chest and arms are meatier.

He hasn’t done anything special to get there either. He started training a few weeks before Xmas and has just shown up consistently and done 3-4x 45-60 minute sessions each week, none of which have been so hard that he’s been left as a barfing withering mess afterwards.

His nutrition is generally good, not perfect though. Eats 2-4x per day (busy job with lots of road time) and still enjoys the odd pint on the weekend …though he did survive a dry January…

I’ve put him on a shopping embargo until the end of March at least tho because even though his weight has only changed by a couple of kgs his body shape has changed drastically.

My point today is simple… Give us 3 months. Show up 3x per week for 45-60 minutes at a time. Put in a good honest effort, but don’t COMPLETELY ruin yourself. Eat 2-4x per day and try to have good snacks. If you’ve a few pints on the weekend it’s not the biggest deal. If after 12 weeks your body isn’t RADICALLY different, I’ll give you your money back.

Obviously, that’s conditional on you actually doing those things.. .because we’re not magicians. But I know what we do works. And I’ve a gym full of people who’ll agree with me on it.

So, come on in, get your assessment done and let’s get you started:


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