January 19

Liam Lost Over 8kg And Cured 20 Years Of Injuries In 6 Weeks


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When a man who’s training 20 years and is already pretty jacked comes in after his final weigh in and says this, you know you got it pretty right.

One of the biggest compliments you can get as a coach is when someone with experience is blown away by their results.

Having spent a large portion of his life gaining muscle and strength, you won’t be surprised to hear that Liam’s biggest fear before starting The Revolution Fitness 6 Week Transformation Challenge – the only challenge where the participants lose 7.85kg on average in 6 weeks was that we’d starve him and he’d lose muscle.

Totally get that one. When you work your balls off to get big, the last thing you wanna do is sabotage it and have your body cannibalise itself for a few kilos of weight loss.

It’s even MORE intimidating to get started when you’re carrying injuries and knocks that you’ve spent years protecting. You get used to the pain, you work around it, and you tell everyone that “I know my own body”. And that’s fair. You’ve spent years figuring out how to get on with getting on.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if instead of making things better, you were actually making them worse? That’d be pretty hard to accept right? And even harder to act on because it’s a SERIOUS dent to the oul ego.

But truly strong men know that it’s ok to get help. Just like Liam did.

He came along for an orientation just like you’re going to at the end of this message… I’d a great chat with him about the old days in Total Fitness Blanchardstown, and he just got stuck in. From day 1 he showed up, did what he was told and didn’t question things. He warned me at the start that it better not cost him muscle, and was skeptical when I told him he’d probably actually gain some.

But the numbers he sent us proved that to be true.

And look, he did great. He lost a ton of fat, gained some muscle and enjoyed a new training experience. But that’s not what I’m most excited about. What REALLY tickles my bits is the fact all the injuries and knocks disappeared too.

He had YEARS of lower back pain, and a constant shoulder issue he hadn’t been able to shift. It happens a lot to lads who are in the game a while. You almost just accept that a bit of pain is the way it’s gotta be. No pain, no gain right?

Fuck that.

When you’re in your late 30s/40s and getting outta bed sucks every day cos your back hurts, hip is in bits of shoulders have a stabbing pain a the top of the joint, you have to ask yourself “does it really have to be like this?”.

And like Liam discovered – it doesn’t.

So yeah – he did an AMAZING job. He lost a ton of fat, he gained some muscle and he came out with a brilliant transformation. But for him. the thing I’m happiest about is what changed on the INSIDE. No more pain. No more aches. No more niggles.

A rejuvenation, overhaul, and some light at the end of the tunnel.

How awesome is that?


If you still haven’t done it yet, make sure to go sign up for The Revolution Fitness 6 Week Transformation Challenge – the only challenge where the participants lose 7.85kg on average in 6 weeks now here: https://6weektransformationchallengedublin.com/join

And if you’re already on board and are just waiting to book an orientation spot, come get some here: https://meetme.so/JamesHanley

(fun fact – we tried to do some group orientations and ditched them after 1 day because we just weren’t able to talk properly to people on a one to one basis doing them – we wanna know what you’ve struggled with, what hurts, why you’ve fallen off the wagon before, and even if you decide NOT to get started we want you to leave the orientation knowing how to fix it yourself going forward)




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