May 29

On Dieting and Purposeful Unsustainability


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Something we talk a lot about during the initial consultation on our 6 week training program is the idea that your rapid fat loss diet is purposely unsustainable.

It’s something you couldn’t possibly stick to long term for a few reasons…

​​​​❌ We exclude A LOT of foods during the initial phase, and we do it because they’re foods you are most likely to overeat on. By removing the choice we simplify you’re decision making process and make it less likely you’ll slip up.

I don’t believe in good foods or bad foods, a healthy diet long term has a bit of everything in it. BUT when you’re coming from a place of poor habits and don’t put good meals together regularly, it makes sense to turn everything on it’s head and start from scratch right?​​

​​​​❌ You don’t get ANY planned cheat meals. Yup. None. Know why? Because they chance of someone slipping up every 1-2 weeks is VERY high, and if we plan for a slip up, along with an UNPLANNED slip up or three, suddenly we’re slipping up …a lot…

​​​​❌ If you want the biggest change possible quickly, you have to do something extreme. We’re not trying to make small sustainable change. We’re trying to get your weight down FAST before locking in the habits that got you there so instead of going around in circles and regaining all the weight at the end like most other diets, you KEEP losing weight into weeks 6-12 and then keep it off for life.

So it’s extreme.

But does that mean how we do things is unhealthy?


Most of our new starters complain about how much food we make them eat. They’re full all the time and feel like they’re force feeding themselves even tho they’re losing weight.

Know why that happens?

​​Because when you eat nutrient dense meals with lots of vitamins and minerals, they just fill you up more.

Imagine that.

Losing weight while feeling stuffed.

Want a simple example?

Which is gonna fill you more…

A plate of chicken and broccoli…

Or a protein shake and handful of haribo…

In both instances you’ve the same calories and macronutrients, but one is FAR superior for weight loss.​​​​​​

So… the key to successfully losing weight?

Eliminate foods you’re likely to overeat on short term. And fill yourself up with REAL food that is high in “bulk” and micronutrients.

And if you haven’t signed up for a consultation session to take part in our 6 week challenge yet, do it today. We’ve a couple of spots today and tomorrow left 🙂
Talk soon
James “I do love some chocolate” Hanley​​

PS – have you started training with us already? If you have – don’t make the common mistake of rewarding yourself for being “good”. If you’re a week in and have lost 3kg, that’s AMAZING. I’m delighted for ya. BUT we want to keep that rolling, which means no “rewarding” yourself with food just yet :)​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​


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