How many more times do you have to say "I'll start when..."?

One of our members recently said that joining a new gym is like changing schools in the middle of a term. You leave all your old friends, walk into an unfamiliar environment and it can get very intimidating very quickly.

...but somehow the coaches and members at RevFit made it feel like she was already part of the family from her first footstep through the door.

Lets be real

If you've never been in a gym before, or are coming from a lay off, getting (re)started can be hard. You're likely to have aches and pains for a week or two, and you'll need to spend some less time in front of Netflix and/or coordinate a bit more to have your kids looked after - but when you're 7 days in and full of energy again you'll wonder "why did I leave it so long?".

Our entire coaching team know when you're coming in for your first session, they'll have your heart rate monitor calibrated, a training area ready for you, and if you've any injuries or concerns they'll know about those too and have a plan ready before you even make it in the front gate.

Then, your personal accountability coach will get to know you even better so they can check in week to week, celebrate your wins, and help you navigate the path ahead.

Our goal is simple - we want you to make more progress in your first 6 weeks with us than you did in the last 6 months on your own. And if you've no idea what to do, or where to start - we'll teach you everything you need to know about fitness and nutrition and wrap it all up by holding you accountable to your goals.

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The Right Program For You


Our SWEAT program is where most members start - if you're new to training, returning from a lay off or can only spend 45 minutes of work 2-3x per week with us but want a full-body strength and cardio workout - this is for you.


Need to lose as much weight as possible and make a complete lifestyle overhaul quickly? TRANSFORMATION is the ticket. On average when you're at least 80% honest to the plan, you lose 7.85kg in your first 6 weeks.


STRENGTH is for men and women who want to throw around barbells and get strong fast. If you're a beginner looking to learn correct technique, or experienced powerlifter looking to increase your total - this will be your program.

Frequently asked questions

Will I Be Fit Enough To Start?

Absolutely. WHATEVER you fitness and strength level, your workouts will be designed and tailored to match

I Want FAST Results. Do You Do That?

 Our TRANSFORMATION program is perfect for you. It's a complete lifestyle overhaul that spends the first 6 weeks helping you lose as much weight as possible, and the next 6 weeks teaching you how to keep it off forever

Do I Have To Follow A Really Strict Diet?

That's your choice, If you want really fast results - probably. If you want sustainable long term results - probably not. Most of our members eat fairly well during the week, relax a bit over the weekend and still see great results

I've A Bad Back / Knee / Hip / Shoulder - Can You Help?

We've developed a bit of a reputation as a gym of last resort for people dealing with injuries. We've helped peolpe train through everything from minor sprains, to the after effects of spinal fusion surgery, neck and shoulder issues, along with clients who are post stroke, and those with MS and other neurological dysfunctions

How Long Do Sessions Last & How Often Can I Train?

We want to see you 3x per week for about 45 minutes at a time. You can train up to 4x per week, but our most successful members train about 2.75x per week on average across 12 months (ie they make 3x per week most times, and sometimes miss some sessions)

Will You Tell Me What To Eat?

We'll tell you what to eat, and show you how to cook and shop for it. Or, if you want - you can order your week's meals off our RevFit approved meal prep specialists Parallel Meals and have it delivered to the gym/your house for your convenience

I Don't Want To Start Lifting Weights And Get TOO Big

Ask any guy you know who's been trying to gain muscle for a long period of time - it's truly hard graft and a very slow process. You absolutely will not turn into some mass-monster UNLESS that's what you want. But it will require A LOT of effort at the dinner table, and a lot of time in the gym lifting heavy weights.

How Long Do Your Training Programs Last For?

We need you give us at least 12 weeks to show that our programs work, and to help the results from the initial block of training stick. We're sure you don't want to join ANOTHER gym only to give up after a few weeks and go back to where you started again.

Can I Just Pay By The Class?

Nope. What we do is much more sophisticated than that. We invest a lot of time and energy in each member and we wouldn't disrespect them by having drop ins take our coaches valuable time away from them

Is It Ok To Just Show Up And Do My Own Thing?

If that's what you want - Revolution Fitness is not the gym for you. Our members pay for the coaching, the craic, the accountability and the results that only a group personal training program can bring. If you want to do your own thing - we'd be happy to recommend somewhere local that's suitable. 

How Much Does It Cost?

If you are looking for a solution for you to get in shape, lose weight, get stronger and feel better based purely on price we may not be the right fit. We believe in delivering exceptional results and offering incredible value.

Having your own accountability coach, trainer for every session and custom modified training program does not come cheap. But it is worth it.

You can get started with us for €247 for your first 6 weeks. After that most members spend approx. €150-200 per month on our coaching and accountability services (training 3-4x per week).

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