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Your First Few Days @ Revolution Fitness Gym Dublin


Getting started in a gym can be scary. Especially when your idea of a gym is basically a bright nightclub with no alcohol where everyone is constantly staring at you checking you out. 

You might not even know what to WEAR to a gym, never mind what to do when you get there. It’s no wonder it takes so long for people to pluck up the courage to get started when they know they’re about to be silently judged by jacked dude and skinny girls with full faces of makeup.

I was chatting to a couple of our members about exactly that recently in RevFit, so I decided to survey them ALL about why they didn’t start training in RevFit sooner. They’re a bunch of normal people with jobs, kids and stuff to do, just like you. Here’s what they said.


There was A LOT of fear and embarrassment holding people back. 🙈

No one wants to be the weakest, unfittest or slowest person in a session. No one wants the eyeballs of judgement on them.

 🥊 Heck, joining a gym is something most people don’t REALLY want to do anyway.

 They want to be in better shape, but don’t necessarily want to have to sweat to get there. It’s like buying a drill – you don’t want a drill, you want the hole it makes because you want to hang something up.

 Training with us can be the same, I get that. You don’t necessarily WANT to workout, but you want to feel more confident, roll out of bed in the morning without hurting and have enough energy to get thru the day without having to hook a coffee drip to your arm.

 So eventually age and guilt take over, you feel like you HAVE to start doing something.

 But what is that starting point? Big gym? CrossFit? Personal training?

 How much is all that gonna cost, and are you just gonna be ripped off? 💰💰💰

 Everyone wants to avoid getting injured, but they wanna save a few quid without paying a trainer to get started.

 However because they don’t know what to do, they’re scared they’ll make a mess of themselves so end up playing it safe and doing nothing at all.

 Totally get it. In the short term the 🛋couch is a safer place to be.

 But long term? It’ll consume you and YOU will be the one that starts to look like an old soft armchair eventually.

 So how about this?

 Go thru our 𝟯 step beginner process instead…

 1) Attend a “no sweat” intro where you won’t be training, just having a chat about your goals.

 We’ll walk you thru how a training sessions works so you walk in the next day knowing exactly what’ll happen, we’ll explain how we can get excellent results even when someone has never step foot in a gym before (honestly, sometimes that can be the best starting point because you don’t come in with bad training habits!).

 AND we’ll tell you about our commitment to you (little things like sending you a text when you miss a session to check in, simple weekly accountability tasks to keep you on track and not feeling overwhelmed, regular goal and progress reviews so we’re all on the same page and you never plateau).


 2) We’ll schedule your nutrition orientation to run through the basics of our nutrition system which is scaleable and modifable for wherever you’re at (if your idea of being “good” is putting lettuce and tomato on a chicken fillet roll from Spar then we’re happy to start there with you too).

 Confronting a change in eating habits can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. The starting point for most of our clients is just trying to find one extra veg serving in the day (which could be a smoothie or juice) and trying to get in 2-3 regular meals per day.

 Like lifting weights, the stronger your nutrition habits, the more we’ll do. But if you’re starting from scratch, that’s ok. Your better starting with our onramp than some unsustainable boiled chicken + lettuce and broccoli diet from another gym.


 3) You’ll get access to our video walk throughs of every step of the process, how the gym works, how to book classes, the dos and don’t of being a newbie AND what your workout will be each day so that you can strut thru reception each day confident you know what’s going down.

 It’ll probably take you 2-3 weeks to REALLY settle in, but by the end of your first 14-21 days you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start sooner, noticing the beneficial effects and encouraging your friends to do the same.


 The goal here is to have you as comfortable as a lurcher on a giant feather pillow getting his head AND bum rubbed before you even get started.

 And if you’ve read this far, we BOTH know you’re serious about it. 

 The first step is to head over here, book your no sweat intro session AND claim a free week long trial on our transformation program where we’ll talk about everything mentioned above:

 You’ll see a few stories of people like you who got started with us having never been in a gym before (or coming off a long break), and once you’ve booked the session I’ll send you a quick text to check in and answer any Qs you have 🙂

 If you love what we do, after the trial week we’ll ask you to invest €197-250 in your first 6 weeks of training with us, and then move you on to a weekly plan after that.

If you DON’T like what we do, we’ll shake your hand and recommend somewhere close by that would be better suited to your goals. How’s THAT for a promise?

 There’s really nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

 Head on over here to get stared with the trial:


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