March 23

Can You Party At The Weekend and Still Lose Weight


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One of the most frequent questions we get asked in RevFit is “Why haven’t I lost weight yet?”.

Normally it comes from a member who’s been with us < 6 months, and is showing up to most (or ALL) of their training sessions consistently and doing a reasonably good job eating Monday-Friday.

They’ll often confess they’re perhaps not doing AS good on the weekend, but it isn’t THAT bad.

…how they know it’s not “that bad” is anyone’s guess as they’re not really tracking it either, so are basically going off feel. Which is a dangerous proposition when it comes to calories and food!!

So, they diet hard Monday to Friday, train their ass off and end up really frustrated because they haven’t made any progress. OR any weight they do lose by Friday has been regained by Monday.

It’s annoyingly common.

I hate seeing people trying really hard and getting nowhere, when one simple little tweak is all that’s really needed.

The tweak is this – ask yourself the Q…

Is what you’re doing working?

If you answered yes – don’t change anything, keep doing what you’re doing

If you answered no – CHANGE SOMETHING

It IS that simple.

If you’re happy with the progress you’re making doing what you’re doing, bloody keep at it.

If you’re NOT happy, then it’s time to change something.

And for most everyone (if their goal is fat loss) that first change is to start keeping a good honest track of what you’re eating at the weekend.

I’ve said it 1000x before, but I’ll say it again – I honestly do not care what you eat at the weekend. Like, literally don’t give a shit. Couldn’t care less. I’m not gonna laugh, scold or silently judge you for it. If you saw one of MY weekends you’d understand why.

…. BUT if you’re not happy where things are going, you need to make an accurate assessment of why that is, and step 1 is track what you’re eating and see how bad it is.

If it’s NOT bad, that’s great news – you can look at something else.

But if it IS bad (and bad in this context simply means activity not in line with your goals), then it’s time to change.

A good example of this is a week 3 check in from Keith on our 6-week nutrition and training transformation plan.

It was his missus birthday. The Friday before he was 77.3kg. By Monday he was 78.2kg and by the next Thursday, he was back down to 76.9kg.

Know why? Because despite eating about 1,400kcals over his target intake on Saturday, he kept track of things and adjusted to make sure that it didn’t affect his week.

See you don’t lose or gain weight in a day. You do it over weeks and months, and it is so vitally important to remember (and if you take nothing else from today’s message take this) once your calories average out over a week, fortnight or month to match your targets, a single day or a couple of “bad” days DO NOT MATTER.

Seriously. Stop beating yourself up if you have a bad weekend. Just get back on the horse and make the next one better. You didn’t get thru school or college by showing up for the last lecture of the year and hoping to learn everything.

You won’t gain or lose weight based off a good or bad last day on a diet.

Time and consistency trump all.

Now go kick the shit outta your week xoxo


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