November 28

Our Cyber Monday Announcement

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I know what you’re thinking.

After seeing our BIG Black Friday announcement a few days ago, it’s unusual to see a Cyber Monday follow up right?
ESPECIALLY after the content of that message.

The one where I gave out about price kickers, tyre shoppers and the mania that happens over Black Friday.

(…I did make one purchase, for the record – it was something I’d been looking at for a while tho and was going to buy on Monday, until I saw they’d a Black Friday sale)

As much as I’d planned to avoid black Friday… once the buying kicked off, I ALMOST kept going.

To the point where we nearly ended up with a new TV. I think the only thing that stopped me was the fact I called everyone else out on being a frenzy buyer, and thought it would be hypocritical to do the same.

…so thank YOU for helping me 🙂

But, in truth, I told you a bit of a lie on Friday.

Sometimes we do do “sales”.

Slightly unconventional sales, but sales nonetheless.

And today, I want to tell you about…

…how we’re STILL not doing a Cyber Monday Sale.

And if you expected to read about that, shame on you.

Instead, what I want to talk about is the EXACT person Friday’s mail spoke to.

Remember, I said;

discounts attract the “wrong” sort of client for us.

By “wrong” I mean; price shoppers, tyre kickers, bargain hunters, program hoppers …and many more”

And then I told you to unsubscribe from the mails if you were a bargain hunting program hopper.

Quite a few people did. And that’s cool. Some people don’t like find wine and steak, they prefer to munch on supermacs and scrumpy jack.

But what DID happen was a pleasant, unexpected surprise.

I got a mail off one of the lads that used to train with us years ago. I’d have pretty confidently called him a “lifer” back then, other than for one reason.

Last year, when we moved gym’s from Drumcondra to Glasnevin, the location snookered him. He went off to find something closer to home.

Can’t blame someone for that right?

The guy’s a dream client – he shows up (on time, and regularly), MURDERS himself in the gym and leaves a sweaty wet mess, and has the absolute bants while doing it.

He was gonna do well wherever he went.

BUT, having seen what he could have with us, he found it hard to replicate anywhere else.

He went somewhere that was unstructured, and unpredictable. A system which relied on constant variation to make progress.And for some people, that’s great. They like the shiny objects, they like flitting from one thing to another – it’s why CrossFit does so well, and I can’t say a bad word about a good CrossFit gym, honestly!

Other people (and these are generally the ones that see the most success in training AND life) prefer the planned structure of a training program. One where they know they start at X and finish at Y in 8 weeks time.

They like to know they’re squatting on Tuesday, benching on Thursday and deadlifting on Saturday. Furthermore, they like to know what’s happening, when and WHY.

They take ownership.

Ownership results in pride, power and responsibility.

Instead of being that ass sucker who blames everyone else for their misfortune.

Who flails thru life constantly bemoaning how unlucky he is. How hard everything is. And how he COULD do it IF…


Grab yourself by the balls and drag yourself where you want to go.

Stop waiting for sales.

Stop waiting for permission.

Stop waiting for someone to tell you it’s ok to change your body and change your life.

No one is going to do it for you.

Stand up.

Be counted.

Get your game face on.

Do it today.

Reply to this email right now.

Tell me you’re sick of putting it off, and let’s get to it.

Click the picture to find out more about our guys strength program
Click the picture to find out more about our guys strength program

All through December we’re looking for serious action takers to join our mens strength program ahead of January.

Last year, the guys that started in late November / early December made MUCH better progress thru January to March than the New Year Resolution crowd (NYRC).

Mostly because while the NYRC were still finding their feet in January, the smart Nov/Dec crew were already used to wrecking themselves and knew exactly what they were doing.

So be one of the smart ones.

Check out our men’s strength program here.

And then EMAIL ME BACK to let me know you’re on board and we’ll get your first session scheduled this week.Peace up. A Town down xx


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