November 29

Pay your mortgage off 21 months faster and drink better coffee


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In today’s post you’re gonna find out how to spend 5-6x less per week on coffee and save yourself enough so that you could buy a brand new Golf GTI.

So.. if you want caffeine and a big wad of cash left over at the end of the year, read on.

First, let’s be real on this one – there’s a big difference between nice (for example, 3FE) coffee and everything else.

Most of the chains like Costa, Storbucks etc sell a passable blend of brown flavoured energy water. It’s not something you’d go out of your way to get, but it’s perfectly serviceable.

So, if you’re idea of “just passable” is 3FE, this bit is not for you.

Buuuuut if you’ll drink any old muck, listen up and I’ll save ya a fortune.

We’ve a nespresso machine in the office in work. We ran outta caps last week so I went off to get some more in Lidl today. 10 of their nespresso’y caps are €1.69. I got 6 boxes for about €10. Net cost per shot of 0.17c.

A medium americano in Costa has 3 shots and costs about €3. Net cost per shot of approx. €1.

It’s is FIVE times more expensive to buy coffee than it is to DIY.

And that’s just for the muck!!

If you like nice coffee, Wall and Keogh charge €17 for a 500g bag of their house blend beans, which are absolutely delish, for the record. Making coffee at home in an aero press takes 15-17g of beans is a really fun way to spend a couple of minutes.

There’s 30+ servings in that 500g bag, and the cost is per serving doing it that was is 50c/cup. Per cup. Not per shot. Even cheaper again – 5-6x cheaper than buying coffee out.

AND if you do the DIY version with an aeropress  (which is a once off cost of < €30) you’ll end up AVOIDING that brown muck water too, so it’s a double win.


If you’re like me – an entrepreneur who works from home / coffee shops and finds himself just looking for stuff to do during the day, you could drink 1-3 take away coffees a day (..and more), following either method will save up to €35/week.

Don’t get me wrong – going out for coffee with friends / significant others is a great way to spend an hour. But if you’re just mindlessly buying it for an energy hit, do yourself a massive favour and buy yourself 2x aeropress – 1 for at home, and 1 for work.

You can take it a step further and set yourself up with a coffee subscription to one of the irish coffee roasters, AND support local Irish Business too.

Let’s say you work in an office and you grab a coffee on the way in to work, and another after lunch – that’s about €6 per day.

Using our DIY method of bringing an aeropress to work, you save about €4 per day, or €20 across the week.

Over a year, that’s about €1,000.

Over the next 10 years €10,000.

Yes. Those ARE real numbers.

..and I’m not shitting you with this next bit either.

If you put that extra €85/month against your mortgage, you’d save €44,000 over 30 years on a 400k home loan.


Welcome to the law of accumulated benefits.

5 minutes extra (less after you subtract the time spend in the queue) each day could have you pay your mortgage off 2 years and 7 months earlier, while saving over €44,000.

Mad, eh?

PS – Most of the nice boutique coffee shops in Dublin will have an aeropress for sale, but you can grab one on amazon too if you’re not near a shop or want to get a few as presents: buy on amazon here

** You might be wondering why the hell I’m writing a blog post about coffee and saving money on a fitness website. The point is this – Our coaching will help improve EVERY area of your life, not just your fitness. There’s solutions and tweaks to be had everywhere if you know where to look. Let us help streamline your life. Book in for your free consultation and training session here: **



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