November 28

James’ Training – Week 19


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A) Squat:
100kg x4
140kg x3
170kg x3 – all no belt / toes elevated to here
195kg 5×3
NBL: 25

B) Bench:
80kg x5
100kg x4
120kg x3
132.5kg 5×4 – did the last set @ max legal grip and it was great
NBL: 32

C) 2x Pause Deadlift:
170kg x3
180kg x3
190kg 3×3
NBL: 15

D) Arm superset – 60 something reps of bis and tris

E) Reverse Curl / CG Push Up superset – 50 reps

F) Serrano Press / Trap 3 Raise / Scap Pull Ups – 120 reps

Drama free morning after a busy weekend. Was out Friday / Saturday / Sunday in town at various events. Spotted, loaded and ref’d at IPF All Irelands on Saturday. DIY’d and sanded floors on Sunday. Happy to get in today and have it drama free.

Max legal grip benching was fun. Almost time to transition back to it full time now. Think I’ll use it as my final set on all bench blocks now before a full transition for the peaking cycle.

Deload next week. 25% reduction in load. 50% reduction in volume. Thank god.

Here’s the 190 x3 double pause DL:


A) Deadlift, pause above knees:
140kg x3
165kg x3
190kg x3
215kg 4×3 – belt
NBL: 21

B) FG Bench:
100kg x4
120kg x3
135kg 2×3
145kg 2×2
155kg x1
NBL: 18

C) Deadlift to knee:
140kg x3
170kg x3
190kg x3
205kg 4×2
NBL: 17

D) Squats = be done later
EDIT – came back and did em
120kg 4×5 @ 3030 (eww)

E) Pull aparts – 100 reps w/ black band

Back to feeling like  boiled shite again today .Very very fatigued after yesterdays double session, despite getting some extra sleep this morning.

The swings and roundabouts of volume!


The boring bench day. Already posted this but the internet ate it so I’ll be brief.

A) 3second Pause Bench:
100kg x4
120kg 6×4
NBL: 28

All done @ max legal grip.


A) Bench:
120kg x3
137.5kg 4×3 – some at max legal, some at narrow grip
NBL: 15

B) Squat:
140kg x3
170kg x3 – toes elevated
195kg 4×3 – belt
NBL: 18

C) Bench:
100kg x3
120kg x3
132.5kg 3×3
NBL: 15

…then later

D) Deadlift:
170kg 8×2
NBL: 16

E) Y Raise:
5kg 4×12

F) External Rotation Serrano Press Yokes:
2kg 4×12

G) Low Incline Curls, Reverse Grip:
9kg 3×15

H) Low Incline DB Curls:
9kg 3×15

Good workout today. Bored as shit of the benching now tbh. Feels like it’s going nowhere. Buuuuuut I think I’d end up doing 140kg & 142.5kg x3 just as easy. Squats were grand. Hips and stuff felt a bit shit and now my SIJ is grumbly.

One more session to survive thru and then it’s a week long deload ahead of comp prep.


A) Deficit Pull:
170kg x2
190kg 4×2
NBL: 10

B) Bench:
120kg 5×5
NBL: 25

C) Block Pull:
160kg 3×1
190kg 3×1
220kg 3×1
230kg 2×3 – belt
NBL: 15

D) Front Squat:
120kg x2
140kg 4×2
140kg x5
NBL: 15

Squat – 78 (28%)
Bench – 108 (39%)
Deadlift – 94 (33%)
ANNUAL VOLUME (est.) – 14,560


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