October 7

Wanna Get Strong? Doors Close in 72 Hours

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Hey… did you see this?!

Recently I’ve been talking a bit about our 12 week strength transformation program and how it’s gonna help scrawny ass guys fill out their t-shirts better, and more rotund gentlemen fill out the belly of their t-shirt LESS.

(rotund is an awesome word eh?)

I haven’t spoken a HUGE amount about it over the blog tho, so I wanted to make sure you actually saw all the kick ass things you’ll be getting as part of the program.

You can catch the full scoop here: https://info899.clickfunnels.com/strength-challenge

We’re closing off applications as of Sunday evening – you MUST start either Monday or Tuesday.Most of the guys are stuck in already and have their initial testing phase nearly completed, but we’ve had a few drop outs and it’d be nice to start with a full complement of hungry ass wolves.

It might not make you "Brock Lesner wrestling a shark" manly, but it'll be close!
It might not make you “Brock Lesner wrestling a shark” manly, but it’ll be close!

If you’re really serious about getting on board so you can start to get back in shape, this is the ideal first step. 
Not only does it work (we’ve hundreds of dudes who’ve been thru it and seen great results), at only €38.75 per week, it’s the tiniest investment you can make and still have a realistic expectation of results.

I know you might be thinking “€38.75 per week is a lot for a gym”, but you’re not really paying for the gym part.

You’re paying for the session by session coaching, the macro and calorie calculations, the accountability and someone to keep you on track with weekly body fat measurements so you’ve nowhere to hide.

So, perhaps you’re interested and thinking; “BUT WHAT AM I IN FOR…?”
If you are – great. If you’re not – smeh. I’mma tell you anyway.

I said to someone yesterday “the hardest decision you gotta make on Monday is to throw your gym back in the car before you leave your gaff, because once it’s there I guarantee you’ll come train after work”.

That’s the guts of it – show up, we’ll do the rest.

Once ya come thru our reception area and into the gym we’ll start off with a quick chat and a movement screen, and injury history to make sure everything works the way it should ahead of doing some technique coaching on squat and bench press.

Then, we’ll work up to a ‘technical max’ – the most weight you can handle without form or tekkers breaking down. That will give us a baseline to start your training program from.

With the program, you’ll be training at least 3x per week across any of our 31 coached training sessions (see a timetable here). The program is 100% focused on getting you stronger and more jacked.

Each day will have a couple of primary movements (eg on bench day it’ll be bench, dips, flys) and some accessory muscle building work (shoulders, back, arms). Every 4-5 weeks we’ll change up the movements to make sure you stay fresh and your muscles keep adapting.

About 8 weeks in we’ll do a skills test to see where your strength is at, and readjust the remainder of the program accordingly.

At each point along the way, we’ll be able to cross check body composition measurements against expect results – if you’re not going the way we expected, and the way you wanted to, we can change something to make it happen.

The weekly check ins are croosh. It’s the best way for us to know early how it’s going for you!

So, think about it the other way – “€38.75 per week is awfully cheap for personal training”.

Get on it now while you can.

Seriously… learning how to wrestle sharks could save your life, and everyone you love.

The info page is here: https://info899.clickfunnels.com/strength-challenge

The page to pay your first week deposit is here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Q6ZG7MJQNML46
(remember, this MUST be done by Sunday – so before you forget, do it right now)

Since it’s not available much longer, I would grab it now while it’s still fresh in your mind!PS – if you’ve any specific questions, or anything you’d like to know about the program, shoot me a mail back and either myself or one of the team will be n touch ASAP

PPS – if you’re already signed up and booked on, don’t worry – you don’t need to do anything else yet

3PS – if you’re training with us at the moment and want to switch over to this training, pop us an email on info@revolutionfitness.ie and we’ll talk about the best option for you (it’s no extra cost or anything obviously, but just want you to know what you’re in for!)


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