October 6

Are You A Fitness Fibber?


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I‘m signed up to a lot of mailing lists, but there’s only a few I read religiously every day.

I got one on Wednesday off a filthy mouthed buddy of mine from South Shields where he was quoting some info from the director of Men’s Fitness and IronLife Magazine.

There were some pretty crazy stats in it.

Over half of the UK tells straight up lies about going to the gym, and the “reasons” they use for not going are freakin’ insane.

Check them out;

1. Too tired to work out (46%)
2. Forgot my gym kit (42%)
3. Too hot/too cold to go the gym (36%)
4. Gym will be too busy (26%)
5. Eaten too much to work out (25%)
6. Not eaten enough today to workout (21%)
7. Didn’t pack shower toiletries/towel to shower (19%)
8. Other social commitments (15%)
9. Not updated workout playlist (11%)
10. No headphones to work out (9%)

^^ Crazy shit eh?

In fairness, I do get it. Sometimes working out can be a complete snore-fest.

Bad enough as falling asleep on a cross trainer is, having those weird gym freaks with their nipples on show, beanie hats pulled down low and “I’m such a bad ass don’t come near me” swagger is enough to make ME not want to train.

It’s easy to see why people skip the gym so often.

The only problem is, nobody gives a shit about the excuse you use. And you don’t have to justify skipping the gym to anyone.

You ONLY have to justify it to yourself.

And if you can do that – great.

But I’d be willing to bet that’s not working so well for you right now.

It’s frustrating seeing people SAY they want something… yet DOING the complete opposite.

Listen, you don’t HAVE to be in awesome shape or train really hard.

I won’t judge you for it. That’s a personal decision for you to make.

Seriously – if you can look in the mirror and say you’re happy, then I could not possibly be happier for you. That’s an incredible thing to be able to do.

Just don’t say you’re “really committed to getting in shape”, bullshit me, bullshit you, do the COMPLETE OPPOSITE and then feel like crap cos you don’t get the results you didn’t want from the work you didn’t do.

There’s nothing wrong with being in less than stellar condition, once you’re truly and honestly happy with it.

…but we both know that’s probably not gonna be the case right?

And even if you’re not in good shape yet, getting started and doing the work to get there will be a big enough to reward to have you feeling better immediately 🙂

No hard push, and no hard sell here today, but if you’d like to get started on the journey to feeling fitter, healthier and happier in a supportive environment, no matter where you’re starting at now, just book a free personal training intro and goal setting sesh with us ahead of joining a group program and we’ll get you on the right path in no time.

Go here to do it: https://revolutionfitness.ie/pt-intro/

TL;DR – if you’re happy where you are now, keep on rocking. If you’re not, change something


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