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Do You Make These Mistakes In The Gym?

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Here’s How RevFit is helping men and women in Dublin get fitter and stronger training just 3-4 days per week.

Many people go into the gym and jump straight onto the treadmill after doing a few toes touches and arm swings. Some will jump onto the crosstrainer first, or stationary bike. Still others will grab whatever machine is free at the time.

It’s astonishing how many people go in with no plan, and then complain that they’re not getting results. Most people seem to be mislead into thinking a gym membership means guaranteed weight loss.

Why is it that so many people believe a gym membership means guaranteed success? Why is it that they have a massive blindspot for the simplest concepts in their life as soon as they cross a gym’s threshold? Why is it that the gym, and your health and fitness is the only area in your life that concentrated focus of power and will for a desired outcome don’t happen?

The reason is clear. We discovered it a long time ago in RevFit and have been working off the same principle ever since. Most people never get the body, energy, confidence or happiness they dream off because they don’t have a clear plan with someone to guide them, and no idea how long it will take or what “success” looks like.

The measurement of any plan comes only from reflecting on the start versus end point. There’s no point jumping into your car and going for a drive without a destination in mind.

We have these incredibly amazing bodies that have survived hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, that are designed to adapt and react to whatever circumstances we throw at them, that climb, crawl, lift, fight, run, jump and create life, but we abuse them with a level of intelligence and lack of awareness that our neanderthal cousins would be embarrassed by. It’s a crying disgrace.


I know that might sound a bit high horse-y, but until you truly accept those concepts as true, I can’t help you. I’m not saying you have to be able to do all those things right now, just that you’d like to get there. To reclaim your health and fitness.

You can do it training 3-4x per week for no more than 60-75 minutes. What’s more, you don’t need to stop eating any of the foods you love, and you can still go out at the weekend.

The basic principle we operate upon using our method at RevFit is that of personal accountability and awareness. Anyone can learn to look after their own body, get stronger, tone up and lost weight by constantly remembering some basic principles.

  • train for performance, to get stronger and fitter
  • use special assistance exercises to improve any weak points
  • base most meals around meat and colourful vegetables
  • if you know you’ve got a heavy weekend planned, train in the morning and eat low carb for the day
  •  sleep 7-9 hours a night

Seeing them written down is great, but how do you put them into practice? I believe there’s 3 different types of people when it comes to this approach. The ones who want to learn everything and look after themselves, the ones who want to know what they’re doing and why, but have someone else tell them to do it, and those who have NO INTEREST in learning the why’s, they just recognise it’s importance and show up to do the work.

Recently, I wrote an article for the first and second group of people who want to know enough to look after themselves, but don’t know where to start. Check it out here:

But some people will need another always standing by their side ready to jump in at a moments notice. A coach, a buddy, an accountability partner, whatever you want to call it. These days, life is busy and we’ve a lot of noise to deal with.

For some folks, maybe you’re one of them, heading to the gym is just another distraction or stress point. Maybe you don’t need that extra hassle? Maybe you just need to block off an hour of the day 3x per week FOR YOU, and go see someone who’ll grab you by the hand and drag / guide you thru a days workout.

Click the pic to get the DIY version
Click the pic to get the DIY version

All it takes is less than 4% of your week to get in excellent shape. 3-4 hours of training and 1-2 hours of food prep. Each week. That of course means you need to make it part of your routine, and pick locations that are convenient. Here’s what I suggest;

  • Train most Saturdays (1 hour), then on the way home go into the shops to buy food
  • Prep your food for 4 days on Sunday morning (1 hour)
  • Never miss a Monday workout (1 hour)
  • Train Wednesday (1 hour – that’s your week of workouts done!), stop off in the shops on the way home
  • Prep your food for 3 days on Thursday evening AS SOON AS YOU GET IN FROM WORK (1 hour)

And that’s it. You’re done. Saturday’s are a fun time to train, you spend an hour on Sunday getting food ready. Hit the gym a couple of times during the week and that’s about it.

Being in excellent shape is within everyone’s grasp, and those who take advantage of this system see results that can’t be measured. They gain something so priceless that a calipers, scales, or measuring tape will never capture. They gain a benefit that is impossible to gain ANY other way.

They gain the self respect and the self confidence that caring for yourself inspires. They get to walk around with their head held high, but clothes they like, have people comment positively on their experience and say goodbye to rolls of tummy fat and lethargy, and HELLO to “omg have you lost weight” and boundless energy.

It’s impossible in a short post like this to lay out everything in an exact step by step format, but if you want the DIY version, I can help instantly. Just go here:

You’ll find all the books, resources, blog posts and podcasts you need to become an expert (spoiler: you also have to do the work).

But if you’re the sorta person who’s made an honest go of it before and just hasn’t managed to get across the line, for whatever reason, get in touch with us and book a free PT strategy session and get your first week of training on us so you can see exactly how the pros do it.

Go here to claim that now:

Our Dublin Personal Training Gym is more than just a gym - it's a place to learn and grow.
Our Dublin Personal Training Gym is more than just a gym – it’s a place to learn and grow.


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