November 23

James’ Training – Week 18


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A) Bench:
80kg x5
100kg x3
120kg x3
137.5kg 4×3
NBL: 23

B) Squat:
140kg x4
170kg 6×6
NBL: 40

C) Bench:
80kg x3
100kg x3
120kg x3
132.5kg 4×3
NBL: 21

D) 2x Pause Deadlift:
170kg 4×4
NBL: 16

E1/2) DB Curl / Extension Superset:
7.5kg DBs 3 x 20 w/60s recovery

Very solid day. Benching moved well. Was quite high volume but moved well. Squats were easy peasy and deads felt better than in quite a while.

First set here:

Squat: 40 / Bench: 43 / Deadlift: 16


A) Deficit Pull:
170kg x4
190kg 4×2
NBL: 12

B) Bench:
100kg x4
120kg x3
132.5kg x3
137.5kg x5
NBL: 15

C) Block Pull
190kg x4
215kg 4×4
NBL: 20

D) 3030 Squat:
100kg x4
120kg 4×4
NBL: 20

E1/2) EZ Bar Curl / Extension Superset:
10kg 3 x 20 w/60s recovery

Deficit deadlifts were ok. Block pulls weren’t. Dunno what happened there.

Very happy with the bench – PR is 140kg x5 w/ shorter pauses at 103kg. Todays were done at 97/98kg.

Squats were super nice too actually. Better than they’ve felt before.

137.5kg x5 here:

Squat 20 / Bench  15 / Deadlift 32

DAY 3 – Extra Bench Day

A) 3sec Pause Bench:
90kg x5
110kg 5×5
NBL: 30

B) Head Supported Row:
24kg KB 3×12

C) Seated DB Power Cleans:
5kg 3×15

D) Band Wide Out:
Blackie 3×15

Good sesh. Really don’t like the 3s pause bench. Triceps go crazy on it. Prolly a good sign I should continue it so!

Bench NBL: 30


A) Squat:
100kg x3
140kg x3
170kg x3 – toes elevated, no belt to here
195kg 4×3 – belt
NBL: 21

B) Bench
100kg x4
120kg x3
132.5kg 6×4 (yes. 6×4)
NBL: 21

C) Squat:
100kg x3
140kg x3
170kg 4×5
NBL: 26

…back to deadlift later, was too short on time to get it done tonight.

Really suffering at the moment. Feel like calories are too low. Training volume is very high and I’m feeling real beat up.

Squats moved great. Bench went fairly smooth too. No video cos the tripod was at home.


Went back to deadlift last night. Ended up feeling decent as I worked up in some singles. Pulled 220kg very very easy. Put on 240kg and belt, went great. 260 has always been a “heavy” number for me so while I felt good I said I’d make it an ‘every day single’ and pulled it like I used to pull 240kg.

…and then I was faced with a decision. To go for 280kg or not. Debated it a bit but based off the fact that;

a) I felt good enough to give it a reasonable rumble
b) if I missed it I was far enough out for it not to be a problem
c) if I got it it would be a MASSIVE confidence boost ahead of jan
d) if I didn’t attempt it I’d be pissed at myself…

…I went after it and pulled a 280kg deadlift PR. I have no idea what’s going on with my body. There was a bit in the tank too. I reckon with a deload and some off the floor work I might be looking at attempts of 260/280/287.5ish

Here’s the 280 pull:

NBL: squat 46 / bench 21 / deadlift 5



A) 1 + 2x 1/2 Deadlift:
180kg x1
210kg 4×1
NBL: 15

100kg x4
120kg 4×4
NBL: 20

C) Front Squat: (all toes elevated)
100kg x4
120kg 4×4
NBL: 20

Squat 15 / Bench 20 / Deadlift 20

SQUAT: 126 (39%)
BENCH: 126 (39%)
DEADLIFT: 73 (22%)
Estimated Weekly Volume: 16,250

Surprisingly low bench volume this week. Must try harder next week. Guess it was a lot heavier tho.


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