July 7

The Worst Piece of Nutrition Advice I’ve Ever Seen

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I know I was supposed to give you some more info about training volume and intensity today, but I saw something on facebook late last night the RUINED my day.

It’s rare that I get wound up by something online these days, but one thing that still bugs me is a willful display of ignorance, stupidity and complete lack of logic.

I can’t believe I even need to type a mail like this, but based off all the moronic knuckle dragging mouth breathers I’ve seen reply to this pic saying “oh that’s a great point”, I worry about the future of the human race.

So… here it is. You’ll probably see it on a nutrition / trainer page near you soon.

One of the worst pieces of nutrition advice I've ever seen
One of the worst pieces of nutrition advice I’ve ever seen

What a crock of fucking shit.

This basically says:

“eat 4x the amount of lentils and you’ll get about as much protein as steak, oh and by the way we’re not gotta tell you about the 80g of carbs you’ve just consumed cos we’re (presumably) veggie dickhead c*nts”

Who even eats damn near a pound of lentils in one sitting?!

(…and why am I assuming veggie / vegans? because that’s the only group that could come up with something so phenomenally stupid when it comes to nutrition)

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve no beef with vegetarians or vegans. It’s their choice to eat what they want or live how they like. I honestly respect that.

But don’t try and ram it down my throat like I’m some sort of low rent hooker.

And DEFINITELY don’t try to piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.

This is EXACTLY why you should ignore pretty much every piece of nutrition advice you see online.

NOTE: this mail is NOT nutrition advice, it’s “open your fucking eyes and stop being tricked by these shitehawks” advice.

I’m irrationally annoyed.


Also – who eats steak just on its own without a side of veg? Seriously – c*nts.


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