February 26

The highest value blog you ever read??


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Be honest – that was the MOST spam-y headline you’ve ever read wasn’t it? So the only outcome of this email is that I’m either a big fat rotten liar, or you finish it €44,000 richer. No pressure, James.

(Before I go on, there’s probably some disclaimer about this not constituting financial advice, and just using it as an example, and not being a registered financial advisor and blah blah blah.)

So, with that said – here’s the deal.

14 months ago I wrote a blog about how to drink better coffee and pay you’re mortgage off 21 months faster. This is a redux to that, with some expansion. The original article is here: https://revolutionfitness.ie/pay-mortgage-off-21-months-faster-less-coffee/

The cliff notes were;

  • if you’re like me you probably spend a FORTUNE on takeaway coffee each week 
  • buy an aeropress or nespresso machine, make the coffee yourself and save €€€€

And while I still think I was largely correct in that blog post, there’s a few things I’ve done since which you might also find useful….

I signed up to Revolut, which is basically a prepaid mastercard that you top up and use as a regular debit card. It makes it very easy to budget, AND it categorises your spending by retailer and category in an app on your phone in real time, so you can quickly and simply review spending habits. SO much easier than using an online banking app.See more about Revolut here; https://www.revolut.com/?lang=en

I started buying regular consumables in bulk. Every time I go into Tesco or Spar I leave with at LEAST 1 thing I hadn’t planned on buying and don’t really need. Over the weeks and months that ends up multiplying fast.

My most regular buys are Monster, Protein Milk, protein bars, diet coke and sparkling water. Obviously there’s gonna be savings buying most of that stuff in bulk, though I still haven’t figured out how to buy protein milk in bulk other than just grabbing a load of them in tesco, but there’s also the ancillary benefit that when you have them on hand you don’t need to stop to buy them, so also end up buying less junk ya don’t need.

And while I’m sure for some of you that’s 2 pieces of real “duh obvious” financial advice, I know for a lot of people it’s gonna make a huge difference as it has for me.

Why am I writing about financial strategies in a fitness email? Because this is just an example of how you can make small tweaks EVERYWHERE in your life that will have big impacts.

Just like changing foot position on a squat, hand position on a curl, or implementing a new warm up in the gym.

Once you’ve got the basics nailed, start playing around and experimenting. There’s a whole world out there, and when it feels like you’re “getting one over” on the masses it feels REAL good.


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