February 28

Still Getting Hip Pain When You Squat?


Over the years I’ve written quite a bit about hip pain during squats as it’s something I suffer with from time to time, and something A LOT of members seem to deal with at some point during their time with us.

Given how complicated the body is, there’s no way to provide a catch all solution for everyone, but there are a few principles you can apply across the board that should give positive change.

I was reminded of these when Niamh messaged me a few weeks about how she was struggling with hip pain, and her coaches recommended just not squatting down as deep.

(she used to train @ RevFit but moved last year and could no longer get to us)

Here’s what I suggested;

Generally, when the hip gets sore at the bottom of the squat – the position is best avoided until things calm down a bit. Using pin squats or box squats at an appropriate height makes sense. Just cutting the squats high does not in my opinion.

This is basically the only squat warm up I do now and I feel great for it: https://www.facebook.com/RevolutionFitnessIreland/videos/1788383487861088/

After a year of hip troubles, I found 1-2 days a week where I switch squats for single leg work really beneficial. Have had best results with a static barbell split squat (rear foot on the floor), and step ups holding dumbbells.

Another REALLY nice superset as a warm-up or finisher is…

3 rounds at a smooth pace of;
kettlebell swing x10
step up holding KB x10
glute bridge (using BB or KB) x10

So what’s going on in there? A few simple practical bits of advice;

#1 – If something hurts, don’t do it. Find another way to get a similar stimulus without being in pain.

#2 – Most hip issues in my experience happen because of imbalances in strength and (using the term as a movement catch all) “mobility”. Single leg work done correctly not only exposes that, but also acts as active stretching

#3 – Breathing drills in a position directly specific to the issue at hand makes A LOT of sense. You can do 90/90 breathing as a generalized warm up, but if you’re doing it months and it ain’t helping, try something different.

#4 – How well your hams, glues and single leg/core control works will directly affect how your hips feel. Getting some extra stimulus on those areas will do nothing but good things


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