September 20

Squat / Deadlift Tutorial Videos from WellFest

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I know what you were thinking – James is after forgetting about us. This blog is a lot later than normal for one very good reason…

I’m barely able to function after 2 AWESOME workshops at WellFest in Dublin over the weekend.

I LOVE teaching people how to lift weights, but I put so much into it that it just cripples me for 24-48 hours afterwards.

On Saturday, we’d 80 ladies in the WellStrong tent for our Ladies Learn To Lift Workshop, and on Sunday we’d 40 guys and gals in for our How To Squat Like A Powerlifter presentation.

They’re probably the biggest events I’ve ever had to coach (normally we have 5 or 6 to 1 ratio in the gym, even our big workshops are limited to 10!!!) so to come thru it and receive such awesome feedback was incredibly rewarding.

(HINT HINT – if you were there and you’ve something nice to say, say it!)

Since there’s only so much we could cover in an hour, and because you never retain the things you see only once, I promised everyone that came along I’d send out some videos recapping the days events.

…which is good for you – because even if you weren’t there, you’re about to benefit too.

The first thing we talked about at both workshops was mobility testing and warm ups. Everything starts with your fundamental movement capacity. If you get that better, everything will improve (…and you’ll stay healthier, recover faster and have a lower injury risk).

So, watch this video to see how you can do some at home movement assessmentss, understand what they mean, and how to fix them:

I’m giving you two options when it comes to squatting. You can watch a full webinar that explains EVERYTHING you need to know about squatting, like why you buttwink, how wide to put your stance, how to train the lift, warm up for it and build out assistance work.

OR you can just watch the tutorial for a recap of the drills we talked about if you were at WellFest.

Both options are in the same link, just skip ahead to the 41 minute mark if you want to watch the tutorial only:

Same story with deadlifts. Full explanation including how not to screw your back up, how to know if you should deadlift from the floor or the rack, and the most common mistakes you’re likely to make.

OR the tutorial only.

Both options are here, skip to 36m 45s mark for the tutorial only:

If you know anything about me, you know I could talk about this stuff all day.

So right now, I’ll do the sound thing and just shut the hell up and let you watch the vids.

Check em out, and if you’ve any Qs at all, please just let me know – send on an email using the contact us page here

PS – offer stands with regards the free personal training technique session by the way, if anyone wants to grab one (whether you were at WellFest or not) just go here and apply:

The dates are blocked up pretty far in advance, so if you want to do one with me, just book ANY date because over the next 48 hours I’ll be getting in touch with everyone on the schedule and trying to bump them up to an earlier day.


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