April 22

Does “PT” stand for “PRETTY THICK”?


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There’s a couple of things I’m seeing crop up again and again on twitter, FB and instagram that really bug me. And A LOT of it comes from personal trainers who should know better.

It’s this “hey look at me, I know what I’m doing is shit, but look at me anyway because you don’t know any better and I might impress you” mentality.

If you’re a personal trainer, or even a “normal” person and are doing any of these, stop. Please stop. For the love of god and country. STOP.


NUMBER 1: I know my deadlift looked crap, but that’s cos it was a max.

> eh no, it looked crap because your weak in the wrong places, your technique sucks and you don’t have the dedication to put in the hard yards and correct it

> the “strongest” position long term is one of biomechanical efficiency, not that of a dog taking a shit. If your technique sucks and you just get on with things it’s a clear sign you don’t know what you’re doing.

> it’s probably a good sign you’ll hurt clients unnecessarily, and it’ll cause you to lose respect FAST amongst those of us in the industry that actually know what we’re doing

NUMBER 2: I know it was a little high, but it was my max

> eh no. It was high because it’s too heavy and your ego is too high to back off and do it right.

> all the mobility work in the world want solve that one buddy. unless you mobilise about 30kg off the bar and go back to basics.

> you don’t need complicated squat variations or special exercises to correct a weakness. you need to correct yourself being WEAK. The solution is to drop back and do it properly.

> PS – 8 inches above parallel is not “a little high”

NUMBER 3: I just wanted to get a feel for the weight on my back

> look you were a mile high. Don’t post the fucking lift it was that shit. Don’t lie – you were trying to break parallel

NUMBER 4: I’m not a powerlifter

> stop posting 1RM squat bench deadlifts like a powerlifter so.

> no one gives a shit what your max is. Once it’s increasing over time you’re doing a great job

> if you have to qualify why your numbers aren’t impressive with a load of excuses “I was tired today (everyday)”, “just getting over injury”, “strength’s not my priority” etc etc then you’re talking bullshit. You’re just not strong. No one cares. Keep doing the work. The numbers will come.

NUMBER 5: Posting a video of your client doing something dumb

> congratulations – you’re lying to your clients and pretending their nosebleed high squats and hitch deadlifts actually matter. you’re just setting them up for long term failure and a big ego hit which someone like me will have to correct

> you’re busting real trainers balls because they have to explain to their clients why Sandy’s 90kg back squat “PR” was bullshit and how their 62kg lift is actually more impressive because they bent their knees AND hips

Look…. we all make mistakes, but if you KEEP making mistakes and repeating them, it’s no longer a mistake. It’s you being a jackass.

And on a more personal note…

I’m sick of having to deal with it and watch people ruin their bodies because of this latest “fitspo” craze because social media has given any jackass with a camera phone and abs the chance to post updates and videos of them doing joint destroying lifts in search of double taps, retweets and likes.

Cop on people. You’re inspiring people. You’re injuring them.


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