May 11

3 Things You’re NOT Doing That You Probably Should Be


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Once upon a time there existed a group of people. Broad in numbers, and deep in despair. We’ll call them “the doomed”.

Every day they woke up, stared into their cupboards and fridge frustrated and confused at the myriad of options that existed. Should they eat ‘this’ or ‘that’..? And how much of it should they even be eating?

One day they decided to try the latest fitness craze and saw rapid progress. They told their friends the usual stories of success until they fell off the wagon. “The doomed” spiraled out of control until they were back exactly where they started.


It wasn’t the first time our mythical people tried and failed. In fact they can’t even count how many times they tried to look after their health and fitness only to see one step forward and two JUMPS backwards.

Because of that, they gave up in frustration. Settled down and accepted the fact that they’d probably never walk around with the confidence and pride in themselves once imagined.

Until finally, the handsome Prince RevFit came galloping into town promising them 3 things they can do right now that he guaranteed would slay the evil dragon once and for all.

3 things blog post

…ok story time’s over. Let’s get into it.

You have a problem.

Hell, you probably have several. And you’ve probably been told exactly what they are;

> you don’t exercise enough

> you eat too much

> you’re doing the wrong kind of exercise

…but is any of it true?

It kind of is, but it kind of.. isn’t?

See there’s 3 steps you can take right now to finally fulfil that vision you’ve had of yourself for years.

You know the one where you walk into the room wearing a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, heads turning thinking “woah… who is that…? What has SHE done to looking so amazing?”.


If you’re not losing weight you have an energy balance problem.

“energy balance” is just the food you eat, versus the energy you expend day to day moving about and exercising. If you’ve a sedentary job, or don’t exercise – the amount of energy you need to take in to “balance” the equation is lower.

Simply, the more you do, the more fuel you need.

This fuel is measured in calories. If you put in too much fuel, your tank spills over and the excess gets stored as fat.

Most girls will need to eat around 12kcals per pound of bodyweight to maintain their weight.

So if you weigh 11 stone, that’s 154lbs, or 1,848kcals per day.

(if you don’t know how much you weigh in pounds, just google what you DO know, eg “11 stone in pounds”).

So while it’s quite simple knowing how much to eat, it’s not easy know WHAT to eat.

But that’s not all – some foods ENCOURAGE you to eat more (sugar, chinese takeaways etc).


Most people intuitively know that you don’t buy a top of the line car and throw a load of dirty tractor diesel in it. It’d be foolish to destroy a top quality machine with low quality fuel.

But people forget that your body is probably the finest piece of engineering EVER. It’s a finely tuned machine constantly adapting to whatever you do to it. It’s only goal is survival. So if you throw a load of dirty diesel at it, it’ll adapt as best it can. By storing the excess as fat.

BUT if you put some premium petrol in, your body will hum like an F1 car. Your metabolism will speed up, you’ll look and feel better and you’ll have limitless amounts of energy.

What to buy? That’s simple. Just check out the shopping list below. You’ll notice there’s no read meat on that list, but that’s ONLY because during 6 week phases I like to get people to keep it their “cheat meals” at weekends to give their digestive system a break.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.06.42

And putting it together into a “plan” is even easier again.

It’s a bit like a lego puzzle – you have a few core blocks you need (meat, vegetables, healthy carbs) and a few fancy pieces (spices, oils, seasoning etc) that tie everything together and add some sparkle.

Check out what that might look like below;

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.06.58


That sounds very fancy… but it’s (again) quite simple. All GOOD training plans have the following;

+ some element of customisation to your needs

+ they get progressively harder as you get fitter / stronger (ie duration increases, or weights get heavier)

+ you’ll be doing mostly multi joint compound exercises to stimulate as much muscle as possible and boost metabolic out put to burn fat fast and continue doing it even after you finished

+ mechanics will come ahead of intensity (ie you’ll be thought exactly what to do and make sure you’re doing it right before you go faster or heavier)

You can download a plan I put together doing exactly that here:

…so, there’s your COMPLETE step by step plan.

I might have shown you a couple of cool new options, or I might not have told you anything new.

Truth be told, most knowledge is redundant – you can google any question and have the answer in nanoseconds. You don’t have a knowledge problem.

You have an IMPLEMENTATION problem.

You just haven’t taken action yet.

(It’s ok to admit that– most people are in the same boat)

That’s why we’re kicking off with a new style of training this June; Bootcamp by RevFit.

See we understand not every girl wants to focus on squat / bench / deadlift or lift big weights (…I think it’s a great way to train by the way, my own girlfriend does that exclusively that and looks amazing) but if that’s not for you right now, that’s cool.

We’re turning the traditional bootcamp model on its head and updating it for 2015.

There’ll only be 12 spots on the 6 week course where we’ll be putting together everything I just talked about above and delivering it in a custom format specifically for you. To take the guess work out of it and help you get there faster than you could on your own.

If you’d like to find out more about the program, just click this link now.


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