November 7

I Haven’t Been Completely Honest With You


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I haven’t been completely honest with you.

Sometimes running a gym is a complete pain in the ass.

Training is a pain in the ass.

Responsibilities are a pain in the ass.

And doing up a house is a massive pain in the ass.

This is one of those posts I don’t feel like writing.

I’d much rather be watching netflix right now.

I don’t feel like writing this post, because I feel like there’s no point.

Nothing will come of it.

That it’s just a waste of my time so I feel like I’m doing something.


Which is exactly why I need to write it.

It’s why I need to communicate with you today.

Because there’s an important lesson involved.

Instead of watching Netflix, I’m forcing myself to write the rest of this post, terse as it may be. THEN I’ll settle down to binge watch Person of Interest on Netflix.

I’ve been going since 5am. It’s over 12 hours later now.

In that time I’ve coached, trained, did some admin shit and some work in the gym.

I’ve had a fierecly productive day by all normal measures, but it still feels like a waste of a day since I haven’t done my self selected “must dos”.

I haven’t meditated.

I threw out my to do list.

I’m a meal behind.

I didn’t get to call any of the folks I wanted to today.

I was meant to send an important email that I never got around to.

And I haven’t done ROMwod yet either.

Oh… a pain in the ass eh?

Truth is – I can’t remember the last time I meditated.

My food was junk for the last week.

And I’m behind because I kept letting myself get distracted.

I’ve spent the last hour beating myself up over all the shit I didn’t do.

I’ve got down on myself, got angry at myself and am disappointed in myself.

But on the flip side, so many things have gone RIGHT with my day too.

I coached over 20 people thru workouts today, and got told 3 separate sets of stories that fill me with happiness because I can see a deep and meaningful change someone has made as a result of working with us.

I’d a great training session where I got to hang out with 3 other really good guys and just shoot the shit.

I’ve eaten 2 really good meals, and have 2 more lined up for the rest of the day.

I walked lizzie and played with her in the gym, after I tidied up our new PR board and filled the holes and cracks with caulk so we can paint it in the next few days.

I spent half an hour talking with a very successful businessman about work, life and the things that matter.

And now I’m sitting on a couch in a warm house with my feet up, finishing a takeaway coffee, sharing a story about my day with thousands of people.

[ INTERRUPTION: ] at this point of writing, I can tell you my mood has already lifted massively, and I’m starting to feel VERY good about my day and myself [ / INTERRUPTION ]

See, my friend, the lesson is this – when you focus on negativity, you spiral out of control. You build up the badness, multiply it by 10 and then drop it on yourself from 50 stories up.

When you focus on the good things, on things to be grateful for,  you start to find more and more things to be happy about, and grateful to have experienced.

Fuck, I’m even grateful for those cheeky little kids in costa who wrecked my head an hour ago, because they were having fun and it was great to see such confidence at a young age…

Furthermore, even tho all that bad stuff has happened, and even tho I’m completely out of routine and have no set plans for the rest of the day or week (a MASSIVE stress for me, by the way) – at least I know I’ve done SOMETHING important today.

It would have been very easy to just close my laptop and go binge watch netflix (still totally gonna do that by the way) but by forcing myself into writing this, I know I’ve grown.

I know at least one person reading this post / email will have their day lifted just a little.

And maybe one or two more people might realise that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed sometimes.

That’s it’s ok to fuck up.

And that it’s ok to not do all the “important” stuff every single day.

Same story for training. Same for nutrition. Same for life in general.

Make your mistakes.

Mess up your day.

Go to bed.

Get up, and make the next day different.

PS – if you’re struggling with something, reach out – ask for help.

ESPECIALLY if you’re already a RevFit member – it’s what we’re there for as coaches

-[[[—reach out by email here—]]]-

TL;DR – even the worst days have good things in them, sometimes you just have to look really really hard 


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