November 8

Today Is No Better. I STILL Want To Bounce My Laptop Off The Floor.



Yesterday’s post about honesty, appreciation and overwhelm struck a cord with people. Quite a few came back to thank me for sharing it because they felt the same.

(…Ill be replying to y’all after I write this mail)

If you missed it yesterday, check it out here:
Normally, after a post like that you’d get something upbeat and positive the next day, but today is not a normal day.

I’m still tired. I’m still pissed off. And I still don’t wanna get anything done.

My body is so wrecked from training yesterday and I can barely keep my eyes open, despite 9 hours of rock solid dead to the world sleep.

I’m in a warm Costa looking at my beautiful girlfriend and all I can think about is how annoying the stupid fucking Phil Collins song they have blasting over the radio is.

What’s going on?

I’m pissed off at myself because I didn’t get up at 740am to start work.

I didn’t get up because it was cold, the bed was warm, Lizzie was snuggled up to us, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do today.

Overwhelm struck again.

I’ve misaligned my expectations with reality.

My expectation is that I’ll always be supremely productive. That I’ll always spring out of bed upbeat, positive and before anyone else is awake.

The reality is quite different.

It’s that gap between expectation and reality that really fucks things up for people.

Unhappiness lives in that space.

It’s why even though someone might lose a load of weight in the first 4 weeks of training with us they fall off the wagon after the weekend of week 5 frustrated because they had a bad couples of days and saw no change in the scales as a result.

(neve rmind the fact they lost like 4-5kg in the precedingg weeks..)

It’s easier to give up when the going gets tough than to keep pushing forward.

It’s exactly the reason why people who decide to eat healthy forever, starting now, almost always fall off the wagon within 2 weeks and revert back to old habits.

All or nothing does not work.

It never has, and it never will.

Sustainable. Small change. Weekly improvement. Kaizen.

That’s the ONLY way to make a difference in your life, in any area.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense…

Like, say you “pick” a set of new habits. Let’s use losing weight as an example.

For the last 20 or 30 years you’ve never really thought about what you eat, when you eat or how you eat. You eat the things you like, you eat when you’re hungry and you like to treat yourself.

Yesterday, you made a decision that you were eating perfectly until xmas to drop a dress size. You go and do a shop, but all your salads, chicken and brown wraps. Ya make it thru the first 4 days, then the weekend comes and you’re miserable.

But you’re serious about your goals this time, so you stay in all weekend (good way to save money too right?).

You hit Monday running, do everything right thru to Friday, and then on Friday the girls in work are going out for a few drinks. You’ve had a hard week, you’ve been good for aaaaaages and ya feel like ya deserve it.

A few glasses turns into a few more, then it’s time to go to a different bar en route to a nightclub, and you know what happens from there.

If that’s the problem, what’s the solution?

I’ll tell ya tomorrow, because right now I’m about to bounce my laptop off the floor.

Phil Collins is STILL fucking playing, but at least they’ve turned it down

TL;DR – you can get results fast, but you won’t keep them without slow sustainable  habit change


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