March 31

Why The #FitFam Is Ruining The Fitness Industry In Ireland


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Did you ever get so angry you just shut down? Like not just mildly upset at something, or thought “heh.. that’s annoyance”.

I mean proper, seeing red, unable to communicate, spluttering words and spit mad?

That’s how I’ve felt the last few days as I hear more and more stories about online personal trainers corrupting and misleading innocent clients and fans.

Surgeons will always say surgery is required.

And the FitFam will always tell you the only way to get in shape is train 6x per week twice per day, because that’s what worked for them.

…and will probably try sell you a protein shake with their discount code too.

No, you don’t need protein shakes to lose weight.

No, you do not need to train twice a day and do morning cardio to drop fat and get ready for bikini season.

A 6 day body part split is completely unnecessary.

You can go to parties without bringing tupperware.

No one cares what week of prep you’re on.

The only way I can describe this phenomenon is thusly…

Remember when you were 16,17,18,19,20,21 and there was always a few people who just wanted to sesh hard.

The sesh moths, and the guys that drank 5x per week to the point of blacking out?

Remember how stupid that was? And how if you indulged in it you probably look back now and kick yourself?

They’re THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE spearheading this online fitness movement.

Ugh. It’s ridiculous.

Even now trying to use words and write it down, I can’t adequately communicate how frustrating and annoying it is.

(so I made this video^)


Having worked as a personal training tutor, I’ve seen how the sausage gets made.

And these people that you’re idolizing and looking for advice from LITERALLY have no idea what they’re doing.

They come onto a PT course having got themselves in reasonable shape, decide they know what works, and then just blank stare open mouth breathe their way thru the course, ignoring all the opportunities to learn what they don’t know in favour of well…

..ya know..

Macros and shit.

The worst part is, they don’t even know how little they know.

Good trainers EXPAND their knowledge – they learn about things outside their realm of expertise.

Social media fitness celebs retreat deeper into their insular bubble.

It’s a menagerie of the abysmal.

And it’s ruining the fitness industry.

Fuck fitness.

I’m gonna just keep getting people strong and telling them not to eat shit.

PS – a lot of them are on steroids anyway



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