April 10

Don’t Worry About Perfect. There’s No Point Anyway.


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When you work for yourself and do most of that work online, an internet or laptop problem is a 5 alarm emergency. In the grand scheme of things, there’s worse things that can happen, but when it hits you (and remember – there’ no tech support!) then it can  be a bit overwhelming.

It happened me a while ago when my hard drive and the top case on my mac died (that’s the thing that houses the keyboard etc)​​ – I got ’em replaced immediately because the laptop was unusable, but I was without it for a week and the bill was not small.

Then they keyboard died AGAIN, and even tho I think it was still in the warranty period, I couldn’t deal with giving it up again, so I just got an official apple bluetooth keyboard and put it on top of the inbuilt.

I actually prefer it now because the keyboard is at a slight incline, and it’s kinder on my wrists.

Then, this morning, Sarah’s MacBook Air was showing a “wifi hardware not installed” problem (I swear, we actually do like our Macs!!) and when the usual fixes (SMC / NVRAM resets) didn’t work, it was time for plan B (and C).

B was to just bluetooth her phone to the laptop so she can tether for the morning​​​​​​​​, and C (the real 99% fix) is to get a little plug in USB wifi adaptor in Argos that means rather than losing her laptop for a week, and instead eating what will be at least a €200 bill, we’ll have it fixed in 10 minutes for €12.

And that’s the point of today’s mail – perfect isn’t really a thing anymore, and looking for the perfect solution is sometimes more hassle than it’s worth. I’ve been using this bluetooth keyboard over a year now, and outside of changing batteries every couple of weeks, I notice NO difference.

​It’s a very real thing for weight loss and muscle gain too.

You won’t ALWAYS be able to find the perfect meal, sometimes you’ll just have to ask them to hold the chips and add a side salad. Or you’ll forget your prep’d meals and have to go to the deli for a wrap.

Or maybe the pulldown machine you like in the gym is being used, and you’ll have to use a different handle. Perhaps you’ll walk in and have to train hamstrings BEFORE you squat because the racks are all taken but the leg curl is free.

The point is this – there’s really very little difference in the real world between 90% and 100%.​​​​​

It’s great if you strive for perfection, but getting close enough is almost always good enough.

Our Dublin Personal Training Gym is more than just a gym – it’s a place to learn, grow and have fun.

In fact, I can’t think of a single situation in the gym or on a diet for a normal person (who isn’t in the final weeks of prep for a show / peaking for a comp) where a 99% solution is not good enough.

…it’s just comforting to have an excuse in our back pocket in case we fail.

You know the one… “oh I coulda been leaner, but I had that day where I forgot my lunch, ate out and my week just feel apart”?

I know it.

​​Because I’ve used it.

It’s the same with joining a gym – “oh well I can’t join now because I’m away for a weekend in 3 weeks so I’ll miss a day any probably eat badly”.

There never is, never was and never will be a perfect time to join a gym.

The best time was last year. The next best time is today.

Come and have a look at what we do in RevFit, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised: https://revolutionfitness.ie/april-2017-book-your-intro-session


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