March 30

Could Your Favourite Diet Book Author Be A Big Fat Greasy Liar?


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Have you ever wondered why some people swear by certain diets, and spit bullets at others?

If you read and truly understood yesterday’s message about their being only ONE way to lose weight (eat less calories than you burn throughout the day) then you might wonder what all the fuss is about.

Surely they all work?

…and well – they kinda do.

The top ranked diet books on amazon all propose different solutions – some claim to boost your metabolism, one says to eat more fat, another says to eat real food, one is a personality based diet, Atkins is still there, as is a 10 day smoothie cleanse and a book on fasting.

What do they all have in common?


The book that “boosts your metabolism” does the same thing I talked about yesterday when I said to lose weight quickly and easily by eating nutrient dense food.

Eating more fat makes a lot of sense if you’re already overweight or struggle with appetite regulation because high sugar and starch diets will stoke the hunger fires.

Real food is a given (or should be…) – remember I said yesterday if it comes in a brightly colored cardboard box, lives in the freezer or has more than 5 ingredients, some of which you can’t pronounce the name of, you may want to avoid it.

The personality based one interests me A LOT because it talks about adjusting patterns, habits and diet to suit your personality. Some people deal better with boring repetitive food, others have a hectic schedule which means they need to eat more or less often…

…some people cannot live without chocolate or treats (macro based approached) and some have legit food intolerances they need to work around.

Atkins will always work, it’s just a ketogenic diet and keto diets have been shown to be the most effective short term method to fast fat loss. It’s why they’re used medically a lot. BUT… they show no long term advantage over a more balanced approach – so if you want a quick win before going on to something else, they might be a good shout.

A “smoothie cleanse” will result in fast weight loss because you’re consuming fuck all calories, and a low residue diet (i.e. you’ve about 5m of intensities for food to work their way around – you’re literally full of shit, a “diet” like a “cleanse” just gives all that junk a chance to clear out, which will see a big decrease in weight, but not necessarily body fat).

And fasting has an will continue to be effective because it literally stops you from eating for portions of the day (some will do 16-18 hours of no eating and 6-8 hours of food each day). It works remarkably well because if you only have 6-8 hours to eat all your food, and you eat good quality nutrient dense stuff its VERY hard to over consume in that time period.

..have you noticed what you’re doing in that instance? Controlling appetite.

So you see, all the diet books are really selling different versions of the same thing.

– eat nutrient dense real food

– control your appetite by limiting carb choices to high quality ones (for the most part)

– look sexy by lifting heavy weights

It’s really simple. But there’s a whole industry of motherfuckers trying to make money off it. And just saying “eat more good food” wouldn’t sell books.

But hey… c’est la vie.

Tomorrow – there’s a rant coming. I know a girl who thinks she needs to take protein shakes to lose weight because her favorite irish blogger does it. AND THE FUCKING BLOGGER IS SPONSORED BY A SUPPLEMENT COMPANY TO SELL SUPPLEMENTS.

What the bloody hell??

Fuck this industry. Seriously.

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