February 16

Dieting for people who hate dieting


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As a coach and gym owner there’s nothing worse than someone BS’n you about what they’ll eat. I’d rather tell me you’re not gonna cook and will be eating most of your meals outta ready made plastic containers than acting like you’re a Michelin starred chef.

At least if you’re honest we can work with ya and put a plan in place. When I say there’s no nutrition-related problem we can’t work around. I mean it. So when we asked a new client what their nutrition was like and they replied;

Brutal. I hate way too many takeaways. I hate veg. If cooking, I only cook meat. And I have an awful sweet tooth. So I would have something nice with a cup of tea and I drink a lot of tea. I also like a drink.”

…And while you might think a statement like that would be a trainer’s worst nightmare, I wasn’t worried. In fact, I was secretly delighted because he was honest with me, and I knew there was A LOT we could do for him.

See getting some treats into a diet is easy. It’s no problem at all. Once you cover the basics. It’s like building a gaff – get the foundations right and you can do pretty much whatever the hell you want. But fuck them up and you’re in trouble.

Here’s an edited version of the program I put in place for our new mystery client;



Few things to consider re: meal prep.

The number 1 thing is the simpler we can keep it, the more likely you will be to stick to it I reckon.

The second is that it doesn’t need to be that varied, unless you want it to be.

Finally, premade food is going to be your best friend if motivation, timing etc is the issue.

So… here’s a rough idea where I’d start if I was you;

I’m not sure if you’ve ever weighed and measured your food, but knowing ya I’m guessing youre gonna think it’s a massive pain in the hoop to do – the good news is, it isn’t.

And the better news is that by weighing your breakfast and eating a prepack lunch, there’s more room in the rest of the day for any slip ups and treats. So, get one of these if you don’t have it already:http://www.argos.ie/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?storeId=10152&catalogId=14551&langId=111&searchTerms=COLOURMATCH+KITCHEN+SCALE&authToken=

250g of Brooklea 0% fat greek yoghurt from Aldi (or Fage / Liberte from tesco)
50g high8 museli
A big handful of raspberries or blueberries

Order a selection of the first 6 options on this page: http://www.dublinmeatcompany.com/online-shop/fit-foods

Have one at lunch time when you get back from the gym – heats up in < 5 minutes and is eaten in less than 10.

2 breasts of chickens,

or 2 turkey burgers,


or 250g of chicken/turkey mince,

80g uncooked rice weight,

or, 1 nest / portion of ready to wok rice or egg noodles (honestly any noodle is fine),


or, ½ a bag of strong roots sweet potato fries,


Or, 300g sweet potato uncooked weight

Whatever you fancy really – you can get nice stiry fry bags in most of the major retailers, aldi and lidl have nice frozen veg bags, you can just roast some peppers in the oven while the chicken’s cooking too

When it comes to cooking the chicken, I prefer to buy diced chicken as it’s easier and quicker to prep. Probably slightly lower quality, but because it’s handier I actually use it. You can use any stir fry sauce you want when making it (within reason). Tesco etc have ½ an aisle with sauces so just pick whatever you fancy.

If you do get takeaway – get thai. Get stiry fry. And when the rice arrives, IMMEDIATELY throw half your pot in the bin (they’re 225g+ cooked weight which is just insane).

Do that, and you’re almost all the way there.


Now, obviously that isn’t ideal. It’s far from perfect. But I genuinely truly believe it’s perfect for him. Know why? Because it’s something he’ll be able to do.

The perfect “diet” is one you can stick. Not what the text book says.

It staggers me how many people think diets mean restriction, no treats, constant hunger and bad moods. Once you answer a few simple questions it’s easy to put in place something that works for you.

It’s exactly what we do as part of our 12 week transformation programs with clients. We’ll set you up on a customised nutrition plan that we review weekly, and make any adjustments and edits as necessary.

You can get access to that and 6 free transformation training sessions with us by heading over here and filling in the application form: https://revolutionfitness.ie/pt-intro/

You don’t need to give us any money or fill in any card details on that form. We review them all manually and will get in touch inside about 24 hours to invite you in for an initial personal training session if we think you’re a good fit for the program 🙂

Go sign up here now: https://revolutionfitness.ie/pt-intro/


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