February 14

Why are you beating yourself up?


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We’d a funny situation in the gym the other day. One of our clients wasn’t really happy that she went from never training or being a member of a gym to losing 3.4kg in two weeks without starving herself.

I always find it interesting how susceptible ladies (in particular) are to the comparison trap. I once heard Sarah (my bride to be) advise a room full of women that;

“comparison is the thief of beauty”

…and until seeing how quickly people can get down on themselves despite making good progress I never really understood it.

Yup – I admit that I never understood how people make their happiness contingent on how they measure up against other people. And I bet reading this now you’re thinking “god I’d be DELIGHTED to lose that much so quickly without starving myself”.

…and I think any objective person would too.

The problem this gal had was her partner was the guy who won our last 6-week transformation and has lost 18kg over the last 3 months. So her barometer of “normal” is so screwed up.

They’re BOTH doing an exceptional job but because one of them is slightly further along than the other, comparison robs her of any satisfaction and pride she should have.

When you start a diet it’s ok to feel impatient. Being eager to lose weight and highly motivated to see change is excellent. But you MUST always remember that you’ve gained that weight you’re trying to lose over a long period of time.

Probably months and years.

You KNOW deep down it’s not realistic to get it off fast AND keep it off. You could starve yourself, have no energy, be miserable, cranky and snap constantly at your kids – but who wants that?

Our 12-week program
Nope… if you’re losing anywhere between 0.5kg and 1kg per week consistently while still being able to enjoy yourself, have a few drinks, go out for dinner at the weekend and have some biscuits with your tea, is that really a bad thing?

If I promised you that over the next 12 weeks you could lose 6-12kg and KEEP IT OFF, would you take it?

If you knew that by the start of next May you’d be 6-12kg and 1-3 clothes sizes down, would that motivate you?

You’re damn right it would.

At RevFit we’re all about the long game. Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to you.

Wanna see what this is all about? I’d love to invite ya in for 6 free transformation training sessions with us (yes – 6, like I said we’re playing the long game and investing in ya here!)

Just head on over to this page and sign up now: https://revolutionfitness.ie/pt-intro/


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