December 8

You HAVE Got This In You


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As we enter the Christmas period, I’m sure getting in shape is the last thing on your mind.

It can wait until next year.

There’s just so many parties, all the shopping, there’s the food, the sweets and the mad hustle of Christmas to deal with first.

You’re already fat, so what’s another few pounds right?

No way you’ll have time to get into the gym 3-4x per week over the next 3 weeks.

Healthy food is out the window.

No time for meal prep.

Too many fast easy options (since you’ve no time anyway).

And lots of late nights too.

The weekends are basically a write off.

But all that will change next year.

I know, you know that the change has to start with you.

It’s about you picking yourself up to get started.

And that’s cool – it will be ok.

It might all seem a bit scary now.

You’ve no idea where to start right?

The gym is FULL of people in fancy sports clothes who know exactly what they’re doing, and are probably watching you in the mirror, silently judging as you struggle to adjust the weight machine and end up just slinking off to the corner to hop on one of the free treadmills for 20 minutes.

But the good news is you HAVE got this in you.

You only really need one or two weeks of good training and half decent eating to begin to feel much, much better.

(even if you don’t believe me right now)

You might not drop that much fat in the couple of weeks before xmas, but your confidence and energy will sky rocket.

Who cares if that dress or fitted shirt still catch a BIT of muffin top or moob, you feel so fucking amazing that you don’t give a shit.

Once you’re “in it” you’ll have forgotten all about the excuses from the first week of December.

But I know it’s not easy for you – I know getting started seems impossible.

We’d one guy a while back nervous about starting in RevFit because he didn’t know what to wear, of if he had enough gym clothes.

(…actually, more than one – it’s pretty common!)

And it’s a serious shame its got to that.

When did gyms become so intimidating? When did they stop being friendly, welcoming envoirnments?

Right now, you probably look at the shit we post on instagram or facebook and think “WTF are they doing running thru lakes on a Sunday morning in December”.

(that actually happened… a group of guys and girls are training for hell and back, lead by coach ste!)

But after a few months, you might dip your toe in the proverbial water too.

Apparently running thru lakes and rolling about in the mud is fun for these guys. I’m not convinced!

You might realise training, being fit and getting stronger is actually incredibly good fun. Especially when you’ve a load of sound guys and girls doing it too.

(you might even make some friends!!)

All that is down the road though.

Because right now we’ve only got a few objectives;

  • Help you feel amazing naked by getting you comfortable with your body
  • Be able to go clothes shopping for NICE clothes that you like, and not ones that you have to buy just to cover your fat bits that you hate
  • Walk around proud of yourself and live your life to the fullest without feeling like a failure every single day

And getting there is actually so bloody simple it would make your head spin.

ANYONE can do it.

The problem is though, there’s too much choice.

Too many ways to eat.

Too many different styles of training.

So here’s what I need you to do – just come down to RevFit for one single session with us.

We had to promise not to make them do burpees so that they’d smile in this pic!

 It’ll be a personal training session where it’s just me, or one of the team, and you.

We’ll work thru what a training session looks like, and talk really briefly about how to prepare a good breakfast, lunch and dinner.

That’s it – just 3 meals.

Something that doesn’t require 70 pots, pans and spices.

Something that can be whipped up in just 10 minutes.

And if it all makes sense, and you love it all, we’ll ask you to hang around for the rest of December and get started on your New Years resolutions early.

Not because there’s anything wrong with waiting until January, just because that if you do start this week, by this time next week you’ll already feel fitter, healthier and happier.

And why would you want to delay that for a second… nevermind a month?!

So yah… that’s the deal.

Come down to RevFit for one single session this week. I’m keeping my calendar COMPLETELY clear to help you out.

And if you like it, hang around for the rest of the month – do some upfront damage control, and then hit January rolling, rather than it getting to February before ya get started.

Trust me.. I’m absolutely certain we can help.

We’ve trained overweight single moms, busy executives who travel a lot for work, school teachers, scientists, retail workers and everything in between.

Guys and girls alike.

I know getting started is a HUGE deal for you, but helping someone like you is something we do every day.

So while I appreciate it’s scary for you, it’s exciting as hell for us, because we know in a few weeks time you’ll be a different person.

Come down and play. You’ll love it.


Hit this link, and use the contact form to email us now and say “I’m in” before you overthink it.

We’ll figure out times and days this week from there.

Oh yeah.. we’re based up in Glasnevin on Ballyboggan Road

And incase you’re wondering how much it all costs, there’s no charge for that first session. When you like it and want to stay, it’s €38.75 per week for 3 semi private training sessions (you’ll train in a small group with a trainer), and 2 sessions in our Bootcamp by RevFit class too

(you don’t have to attend EVERY session, just make as many as you can – at least 3 is perfect)

We’ve like 27 hours of class times a week, 3 mornings @ 6.30am and 10am, every evening from 5-9.30pm and Saturday mornings too.

Go here, do it now, it’ll be the best decision you make in 2015:


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