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The World’s Simplest “1..2..3.. And Now You’re In Shape” Recipe

I’m a great cook.

At least that’s the lie I’ve been telling Sarah for years.

See the reason I’m a great cook is because of 3 simple ingredients.

When followed, you can be a great cook too.

And the cool thing is, those 3 ingredients could also help you lose weight, tone up and get fitter and stronger.


That’s simple.

Find something you think you’ll like, and give it a go.

But don’t stick to the same old shit you’ve always been doing and eating, or else you’ll get bored.

Just an angry man sitting at the table with vegetables


Now that you know what you’re gonna make, start the information gathering process.

Find out the things you need, compare it against what you have, and go to the shops to fill the gap.


Don’t think you know better.

Don’t ad lib.

Don’t go off the script and add things in.

Basically this is the “don’t” section.

And it can be summarised as;

“don’t be a know it all asshole”

…and really the same goes for getting back into shape (step 1)

There’s a very simple recipe we teach to our guys and girls during their 2 week trial with us (step 2)

It helps them gather the ingredients they need to put the recipe together so they can follow it during the NEXT 12 weeks on one of our programs (step 3)

You can find out a bit more about the 2 week trial and what you get as part of it here: ​

If you’ve any Qs, just shoot me a reply to this mail and I’ll help you out 🙂

PS – sometimes it can be cool to try something you’ve never tried before (like octopus!). You just might like it.

James Hanley

Strength Coach. Performance Specialist. Dog Lover. Powerlifter. And the guy behind the scenes in RevFit that keeps the plates spinning.