March 22

The Only Piece of Fitness Advice You’ll Ever Need To Read


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Ever feel like you’re overcomplicating shit? I know I do. All these great ideas and intentions, things you wanna do and achieve, goals you set, and goals you miss….

The best results are always got when you keep it simple. For a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, I think I have it cracked, then I fall back into the over complication trap again and again.

Here’s some things I’ve noticed as majorly beneficial for me over the last few weeks, maybe it’ll help you too.

(…and share you own stories if you have em!)

The Only Piece of Fitness Advice You Ever Need To Read

-[[[— FOOD —]]]-
Order a load of turkey burgers and other bits and pieces from Kerrigans. They do them in packs of 10, 20, 50 or 100 packs. If you don’t want to buy 100, that’s ok. Just buy however many you want. Sure, you might get stung for €7-10 delivery cost on orders < €100 (and yes… that really grinds my gears). But ya know what’s gonna happen if you don’t? You’ll spend 2x that amount on a takeaway this week because you don’t have any food at home. Take it on the chin today and stock up. (and no, I’ve no affiliation with Kerrigans, I don’t get any discounts or deals, I just really like their product)

They go great with steamed green beans tossed in butter and rock salt (if low carb’n) and sweet potato chunks or fries (if you’re eating carbs, which you should be by the way, but that’s a story for another day).

-[[[— TRAINING —]]]-
Just show up. Even if you feel like crap and are stressed out about your performance ahead of a session, show up. Make peace with the idea that you might not have a good day. That you might not hit your reps and sets, or improve on the previous weeks.

Not every week will see PRs. Some weeks you just gotta show up and check the boxes. Check enough boxes for long enough, and great things will happen.

You won’t always see the immediate pay off for your work, and on some test days you’ll hit LOWER numbers than before. You can’t plan for fatigue, stress or life. Some days it hits you and you’ve just got to roll with the punches. You’ll come back stronger the next day.

-[[[— BEING ‘LAZY’ —]]]-
It’s ok to lock yourself in a room, get on the couch and watch netflix and hope it will all be better tomorrow. When you’ve had a shit day at work, you’re stressed about money and you don’t know WTF is going on with your other half… the last thing wanna do in that situation is get up and hit the gym. If you feel like that now, I want to reassure you that it’s ok. And that you’re ok. And that it will all be ok.

If you’re not sleeping, or stressed out, grab your phone right now, download the headspace app, and do the first day of “take 10” on your way home today, or at lunch.

That’s it.

You either do something physical, eat something nutritious or work on mental resilience. None of those things will take more than 60 minutes to do. Don’t worry about what comes next, don’t worry about tomorrow or the next day.

Just do that today.

Curious to see how we do stuff like this for our clients? You can book a free personal training session with us where we’ll have a chat about your goals, discuss your background and problems, go thru some mobility drills and fixes to any problems you have, before taking 30 minutes to run thru the basics of squat, bench press and deadlifting too.

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