September 30

Photoshop Got Me Like *facepunch*


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A while back, The Gym Whisperer called out a few of the #irishfitfam for allegedly photoshopping their pics.

There’s certain hallmarks like unnatural curves, sudden leanness levels that seemed to happen overnight, and vertical lines that are distorted into curves.

You can see a great example of a woman “coming clean” here:


The first thing I hope you notice is that she’s actually in very very good shape regardless of the degrees of photoshopping.

The second thing to note is that these are very mild photoshop edits – some lighting and shading, but no extreme manipulation of body shape.

The third thing to remember is that as far as photoshop’n goes, this is about the mildest case you’re EVER going to see. It’s so tame, it barely even counts compared to what most are doing. But kudos to that lady for ….shining a light… on it.

Here’s what I REALLY want you to see today though. It’s a product cll “portrait pro body”. it’s designed to change your entire body shape in photos at the touch of a slider.

Check out the intro vid here, and try not to gag

Now there’s so many reasons why I’m disgusted by this piece of shit manipulation tool. So many that I don’t think I could keep calm enough to form coherent sentences. So, in bullet point format;

  • what the fuck? you’re not kidding anyone with this shit
  • fuck the fashion industry and those fitspo c*nts for making women think they have to look like this
  • screw you if you use it while I watch my guys and girls in RevFit pour blood sweat and tears into improving their body
  • adjusting photoshop sliders won’t make you healthy – you’re still gonna end up with all those health and heart problems because you’re overweight




I dunno.

It’s ridiculous.

I’m done talking about it.

Fuck that program.

TL;DR – step away from the photoshop


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