September 29

Another Airport Pint & Another Complaint


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I’ve been up since 430am.

Early AM flights are grim. Especially when you’re going to Manchester for about 15 hours to work with your website team.

…I used to just stay over on days like that and fly home the next day, but the older I get the more I want to be at home with Sarah and Lizzie, and not lose a day on Friday too.

So, alas, it means a 630am departure, and an 11pm arrival. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have my airport pint. You know the saying – it’s 5pm somewhere in the world.


I’m getting better at NOT arriving to the airport 16 hours before a flight (thanks for making me think you need to, dad!) so with only about 20 minutes to send this one out, it’ll be short.

As you know, we’ve a guys 12 week strength program kicking off next week.

That means we’re talking about it a lot and marketing heavily. And the problem with marketing heavily is that you expose yourself to all manner of weirdo on the internet.

Ones to whom normal social rules seem to not apply.

Now, if you’ve visited the page above, you’ll see where’s a field to put your name, email and phone number in. Which is why I got sooooo confused when I got this mail in reply;

“I actually didn’t complete this application, as only at the last minute did I realise this was a sale, rather than complementary offer

it wasnt at all clear until the last moment, and i definitely did not give you permission to contact me in this way”

I was sorely tempted to react in 2 ways…

#1 – A big “GFY”

#2 – A picture of that great scene in The Dark Knight where The Joker says “if you’re good at something, never do it for free”

And then I thought “hmmm, maybe there is some confusion, I better check and see that I’m not misleading people”. Having checked the website to make sure I wasn’t trying to trick anyone, I started my reply… (names removed to protect innocent and guilty alike)


Thanks for the feedback [X].

I’ve reviewed our page and I’m 100% confident it’s not misleading in any way.

There are several references to money and that there is a cost attached to our program on the page where you submitted your name, email and phone number. perhaps you missed them;

” You’re sick and tired of struggling to lose weight and want a program that’s guaranteed to get results or gives you your Money Back!”

“We are so confident in the effectiveness of our program that we offer the only 100% Money Back Guarantee. Follow our program and get results, or your money back…no questions asked!”

“IMPORTANT: Not everyone is a good fit for our program and we are not going to mislead you if it’s not for you. Most gyms will accept anyone with a credit card…we are very different […] see if you’re possibly a good fit for our services, click on the button below and begin the application process. “

If you don’t want to be contacted that’s completely ok, just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the previous mail and you’ll be removed from any contact.

But please don’t claim we’ve mislead you or that you have not submitted information to us via our website.

Stay strong


So whatcha think?

Too polite?

Not polite enough?

I’d love to know.

(he didn’t reply by the way)

So yah – we don’t do free shit.

We’ll do a free personal training session with anyone interested in joining one of our programs (no, it’s not a sales pitch) but everything else we do is reassuringly expensive.

We only work with people who will commit to us as much as we commit to them in this fitness marriage.

If you wanna join Team RevFit, you’ve got a few days left to get on board.

Go here to do it:

…and yes – if you’re training with us already, you get to this program too. Just make sure you mention it to us so we can switch you over.

TL;DR – the good things in life are free, but the great things cost


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