December 14

Macro Counting TOTALLY Works


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As much as I hate to admit it, counting your “macros” does work. It’s always worked. The concept of “macro counting” (I gag in my mouth every time I say that by the way) is a relatively new one, spurred on by the internet about 10-12 years ago as “IIFYM” – if it fits your macros.

Before that, it was simply known as counting your calories – that is, your total food intake. Now, it’s “macros” or “macro counting”.

The reason I hate it is because its mostly used as justification to eat semi-healthy junk food by the #IrishFitFam wankers all over social. Essentially – It’s ok to eat a donut and protein shake in lieu of a proper meal once it’s got the same calories and macros.

…as someone who wants a balanced relationship with food for my clients, you can see my frustration.

And then days like the other day came.

Days that remind me that sometimes you’re the fruit, and other times you’re the blender.

I had a NIGHTMARE with food that day.

I got in just around my calorie targets for the day (I’m trying to just stabilise my weight during the run in to my next comp) but I got there in a really really bad way.

My day was all over the place. And my food was TRULY atrociouss too.

Here’s what I had:

# Big coffee w/ cream and Granola bar – storbucks

# Protein bar & pack of M&Ms – road food, pre training

# Protein shake – RevFit

# Chicken fajita wrap w/ tortilla chips – Gringos

# 40g chocolate – Lidl

# Protein bar – road food

# 250g chicken + 50g rice – homemade

# 60g chocolate & sneaky double jameson – at home

Don’t tell anyone I actually ate like that…

I’m definitely not suggesting you try that. And I’m really not proud of it. But it is what it is. A bad day that I can chalk off and keep moving with.

Calorie wise, it came in at about 3300kcal, 210g of protein, 230g carbs and 150g fat. Within 10% of my targets.

In fairness, my targets to just keep my weight stable are VERY high at the moment beca​​use of the  volume of training I’m doing, but the principle matters.

But why does my fall apart day matter for you?

Because even when the wheels are falling off you can still do SOMETHING to keep it together. It’s a day I hopefully don’t repeat for a while, but I’m having more and more days like that in the run up to xmas since we’re so buy in the gym, but my weight is staying +/-1kg of where I want it.

Know how many “macros” to eat can be a bit confusing tho, so here’s a really quick and simple spreadsheet I put together a couple of years ago for the RevFit members on how to calculate your own calories and “macros” (gag):

And here’s a quick vid of how to use it:

Macro counting can be a tool of great good, or of great evil. Follow it if you want, but at least TRY to eat good food. And when the bad stuff creeps in, just count it.

You know you’re in the right place to do it if you think:

“great, I can have a slip every now and again and still make progress”

But if you think:

“OMG awesome I can eat lots of chocolate all day and still lose weight”

…then it’s probably not something for you to go and get after yet!


Ladies, if you’re reading this and wondering how macro counting works in conjunction with weight training, sign up for our 28 day January Transformation to see: FIND OUT MORE HERE

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