January 9

Lessons Learned From Extreme Diet Deficits


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We’re back on that crazy 50% diet deficit in RevFit this week. A while back I wrote you a message about why I LOVE using 50% diet deficits for short periods of time with some of our clients at RevFit, even though it totally goes against conventional wisdom.

I’ll be the first to admit that 50% is NOT sustainable, and if you tried to do it long term it’d be a terrible terrible idea. It’s why we’ll be back up to 75% next week.

BUT it does serve 2 very important purposes;

1) you drop a lot of weight fast, and while the first 1-3kg people lose during their 50% week is mostly water and carbs, it sets you up for a solid run into week 2 and beyond, and gives you a great psychological boost

2) when you have barely any carbs or calories to play with it forces you to measure everything HARD. Every calorie gets examined. And while a life long obsession with measuring everything to the gram isn’t healthy (in my opinion) , it does get you thinking.

At least it did for Lynda;

“Me either, I thought I was doing brill last week cutting down on carbs (bread rice pasta etc). Didn’t know literally everything ever is a carb”

And for Michael;

“I was shocked at a chilli sauce I was using!!”

And Niamh;

“Never knew I ate so many carbs before today”

And that’s why we’re doing it.


It forces you to step outside of your comfort zone, and since there’s like 40+ of us doing it at the moment (me included – wedding in 7 weeks don’t ya know!!!) we’re able to crowd source ideas and recipes.

Like this tip from Richie;

“Fage Greek yogurt is a great way to get the protein in. The 0% fat option is pretty much all protein from a calorie perspective. 10g protein /100”

Aldi’s brooklea 0% fat greek yoghurt has about the same macro content too and is half the price.

And Lidl sell an AWESOME piri piri sauce very similar to Nando’s, but with way less kcals – 8kcals per 15g serving, which is basically calorie free!

A year ago we started building a VERY strong powerlifting community in the gym, and now it finally feels like we’re doing the same for guys and girls who want to lose some weight 🙂

If you wanna join the gang, head on over here to claim your free personal training session and complimentary trial week: https://revolutionfitness.ie/special-offer1/

We’ve 2 intro spots left this week at 530pm Today, and 530pm on Thursday – but if either of those don’t suit, fill in the form now and we’ll get ya booked in ASAP.


James “stuck in a moment is playing on the radio” Hanley

PS – how do we set up the 50% diet? It’s simple.

  1. Bodyweight in kg * 33 = maintenance calories
  2. Take half of that number and it’s your calories per day for the next 7 days
  3. Bodyweight in kg * 1.8 = protein target (grams)
  4. Total calories * 30% = fat target (grams)
  5. Whatever is left over = carbs (divide calories by 4 to get grams)


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