August 4

I’m Looking the best I’ve EVER looked even before I had a baby


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Kelly’s story is a cool one. Fighting pro Thai boxing… having a baby… feeling “physically average” to “fantastic” all thanks to getting stronger, training smarter and having a better outlook on things.

She said it herself – I’m Looking the best I’ve EVER looked even before I had a baby”

She got better results in half the time at RevFit following a custom program for HER needs than she did following “a mickey mouse progam” on her own.


What changes have you noticed since you took part in the Femme Fatale Transformation Program?
Since joining RevFit I’ve noticed a drop in weight, nothing crazy, just a few kgs but I’ve noticed a great change in leanness.  I was an average body shape after having a 4 month old baby to being a lean machine.  Dropped at least one dress size but went from mediocre to being very sporty, fit and lean looking.  Definite increase in strength and generally feeling fab about myself mentally and physically I feel fantastic!

What sorta impact has it had on your life? (…and do you still get to go out and enjoy yourself?)
I’m Desk jockey most of the day, 8-5/6pm walking around 3 different floors at work, most times using the stairs.  I’ll take every chance for a bit of exercise.  Get out for a walk/jog at lunch a few times a week.  Train 3 mornings a week before work.  Extra cardio training twice a week and cycle to work 5 days. But I do socialise on the weekends!

What made you bite the bullet and join?
I felt fat after having a baby.  I was going to a normal gym and following a generic weights program.  I was getting up early in the morning and feeling drained and also doing a fair bit of swimming.  It was getting me nowhere as there was no training plan specifically for my needs.  I get that at RevFit and within 2 months at RevFit I noticed a massive change as opposed to 4 months on my own in the gym, following a mickey mouse program.

What’s been your biggest success so far?
Getting my body back in shape after a baby.  Looking the best I’ve EVER looked even before the baby.  I’ve always been into exercise but the secret is also getting my diet back on track.

What was your biggest fear prior to joining?
Biggest fear???  Erm, maybe that it wouldn’t work any different to that of a conventional gym and the program I was already on.

Any advice for people before they start?
Diet diet diet!!  No use killing yourself in the gym if you haven’t got a handle on the food you put in your mouth.  If you want to see big results you need to be sensible with your food and train hard!

You will fall off the wagon.  Just having done that myself after a month on holiday – you will always have to get back on and start again.  Slow and steady wins the race 🙂

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