September 9

The Hate Is Strong With This One


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If I didn’t spend my mornings writing (what I hope!) is useful content and information for you, I’d probably spend it ripping the piss outta people with easily rustled jimmies online.

The internet’s a funny oul place which never ceases to amaze me. I got this threat yesterday after I sent the final notice about our discounted training program;

“Listen I’ve followed all the instructions to unsubscribe from this poxy auto email . Since it is possibly the single most uninspiring drivel I’ve experienced in a long time .

And yet here you are again with yet another heap of rubbish email , better still you chose to label it like it’s some kind of bank warning. Do me a favour , remove me from this email list before I get more creative in how to get myself off the list.”

Let’s hit some facts;

#1 – she clearly failed to click the unsubscribe button, because as soon as I did it on her behalf, it work a treat – thankfully she’ll never have to read the emails again. Maybe the rage was clouding her ability to follow simple instructions.

(’s not an auto email either by the way – I write them every morning)

#2 – what “creative” ideas do you think she might have? if you give me some suggestions (email them to I’ll write an email about it, create the hypothetical situation and include what happened to me and to her

#3 – I sent 3 emails telling people to sign up to train at RevFit in a row. This knobjockey has been receiving my these emails ever since January 2016 since she signed up to download a free frickin’ program.

Not a single word of thanks was sent during that entire period.

The emails were opened every day.

But only now does she flip the lid.

What does that tell you?

…it tells you some people are so wrapped up in their own shit that they’ll never be ready to change and will lash out blaming everyone and everything around them before ever turning the finger back at themselves.
I Don't Belieeeeeeve It!!

I guess it’s my fault in a way – I called her attention to an irresistible opportunity to change. Some part of her wants to, otherwise she wouldn’t have reacted that way.

It’s like someone saying you’ve shit shoes when you’re wearing a brand new pair of hugo boss loafers. You know they’re great, so you don’t care. Buuuut if you were wearing dodgy beat up, ripped, piss stained yokes, you might get a bit upset because you’re probably already self conscious about it.

What’s worse is that I did a quick google of her (pretty unusual email addy) and the first two hits on google were her pissing and moaning about something else or someONE else on facebook.

Some people are bitter serial complainers. When you create that much negativity in your life, it’s no surprise that you’re can’t be happy, you fail to see the good and APPEAR to get more than your fair share of the bad.

What the mind creates, the world provides.

The lesson here is this;

If the world around you annoys ya, everyone seems like a dick, and things are constantly going wrong for you…

…there’s one common factor you probably need to look at.

We all need attitude adjustments periodically.

I know for sure I do.

If anything in this mail resonated, please go and read some of Tony Robbins’ state change stuff. It’ll have a massive beneficial impact;

(..but I’m guessing if you’re one of the people I’ve spoken about in this mail so far, you’re probably going to call HIM a bullshit scam artist too)

TL;DR – don’t be a hater, be an appreciator


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