September 6

72 Hour Flash Sale Starts Today

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Have you ever wanted to know how those radical before and after transformations are REALLY done?

The ones that take an average guy with a gut and skinny arms, and transform him into a tanned chunk of smiling, confident muscle?

The type of training…

The personalised nutrition…

…and the other “unknowns” that really make or break the after shot?

Well, now is your chance.

Once a year, we open up a special transformation program in the gym. A 4-6 week blast to make the biggest possible changes in your body, in the shortest possible time.

This year, our goal is to lose 100kg as a gym.

20 people, losing at least 5kg each.

(…I’ll even be taking part too!)

We start Monday 12th September.

You train 4-5x per week in our strength, and bootcamp classes.


I KNOW 5kg per person is totally achieveable during this competition.
And I want at least 20 NEW members to come on board and see it thru.
(..we might even have a ‘new members versus old members’ comp to see who can make the biggest change)
Normally, our 6 week transformation is €230, but until Wednesday 8th September you can get the entire 6 week program for just €180.

Yup, just €180. That’s over 20% off.

It's perfect for guys in their 20s...
It’s perfect for guys in their 20s…

You might be wondering WHY we’re doing it this way. It’s unusual to see us discount any sort of membership at all. In fact – that last time we did was September 2015.

The reason we’re doing it is because we are SO confident you’ll be delighted with your results, and see a complete body transformation that could turn you in a cover model that you’ll want to stay on afterwards and (probably) join our powerliting program.

A plan for guys and girls who don’t want to just look strong, but want to be brutally powerful too.

…and if you don’t, that’s cool – but we want to at least give you a fighting chance to see WHY this kind of training is so powerful, by making it affordable to everyone.

In fact, normally when we do these transformations, about 80% of the people who successfully finish them stay on with one of our longer term programs to lock in their results and keep em for life.

..and for guys in their 30s...
..and for guys in their 30s…


I want you on board. Because even if you don’t think you need it today… trust me – you do. In 42 days time, your future self will thank me for it.

So, get access today and sign up before it expires.

You can see the information page here:

BUT, even if you put your email in and fill in the application form, your place is NOT secure until you pay your booking deposit with paypal here:

(the remaining investment in the program is just €150 paid by way of 5x €30 weekly direct debit payments upon commencement of training!)

…and even for guys in their 40s!

PS – be sure to grab a spot while it’s fresh on your mind because if you wait, it will be gone. Book here now:


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