August 29

On First World Problems


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You don’t have problems.

Really, you don’t.

Ya see chances are, if you’re reading this, you probably came across it on Facebook, twitter or google. And for that to happen you had to have access to a magic screen with buttons which instantly transform things in front of your eyes.


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Maybe you’re on a phone which cost 4x the amount of the average annual income in most African countries. A phone which can instantly access anyone else on the planet with a similar device, via voice of text. AND can access the entirety of the worlds information at the click of the button.

If you’re bored you can flip it open and play some games, or if you’re lonely you can open it up and see your friends (..never mind recording images of important events in your life so you won’t forget them).

You don’t have problems.

Hungry? You’ve a magic black box a few meters away from you that lets you take cold things from a packet, push a few buttons and minutes later – BAM, hot food magically pops out.


Thirsty? Head into your kitchen right now and twist the lever that supplies clean healthy drinking water without having to even put on your shoes to go outside and get it (we’ve another 3 sets of taps in our apartment that does it too, AND 2 showers).

1 in 9 people in the whole f*cking world don’t have access to anything even approaching that. Our frickin’ toilet water is cleaner than their drinking water.

You don’t have problems.

There’s no one coming tomorrow to cut off your head. You’re not under the imminent threat of starvation, plague, infectious disease or wild animal attack.

Yet you’re desperately unhappy with everything in your life. You don’t like your job, you don’t like how your designer clothes fit (…the ones you travelled in a magic motorized box with wheels, to a wide open safe street abundant with food and coffee outlets to buy) and no matter what you do, there’s just a lingering sense of unwellness, and lack of fulfillment. Like something’s missing – but you don’t know what that is.

first world problem pic

Stop and think about this for a second…

Imagine if you had unlimited amounts of energy. That you could move freely, twist your body into any position, run, jump, laugh and play whenever the mood takes you.

Not only that, but all day every day you’re “alert” and aware of your surroundings. Not in a nervous coffee jitters sorta way, but like Neo in the matrix, where everything just slows down and you see things you’ve never seen before.

Finally imagine springing out of bed ready to tackle the day, rather than hitting snooze 50 million times and walking around with a sleep hangover until 10am.

And then imagine being able to do all of that while getting to wear figure hugging clothes that complement your body, rather than having to wear big hoodies and baggy tops to hide your unsightly curves.

THAT’S the sort of solution we offer in Revolution Fitness.

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