October 27

How To Enter A Powerlifting Competition


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One of the most common questions i get asked is “what do I have to do to enter a powerlifting competition?”.

It’s an open ended question that could include 5 or 6 sub questions…

Typically people are asking are they strong enough, how do they qualify, how do they submit entry forms, should they even do it at all, and plenty more. Today, the only goal of this message is for you to understand EXACTLY what to do to enter your first (or next) powerlifting competition.

(again, I speak solely with reference to the Irish Powerlifting Federation, tho the process will be similar everywhere)

Have a look at the comp calendar and pick a date. Preferably one 12-16 weeks in advance to give you time to train for it. The calendar is here: http://irishpowerliftingfederation.com/calendar/
Entry tickets will generally go on sale approx. 2 months before the competition date, and they sell out FAST. Like 24-48 hours fast. If you put it on the long finger you will not be competing. Keep an eye on the website, find out when they’re on sale and just get it.

Comps normally cost approx. €50 to enter.

Before you do that, you’ll need to be a member of the IrishPF. You can do that by registering here: http://irishpowerliftingfederation.com/entry-forms/ The 2017 form should be updated on the website shortly. You won’t be able to secure a spot in the comp without a membership number provided by that form.

The membership for 2016 was €30, but is subject to change in 2017. It’s a once off fee.

Wanna see a comp? Come watch Ireland's best lifters compete head to head in Dublin on 26 November - entry is free.
Wanna see a comp? Come watch Ireland’s best lifters compete head to head in Dublin on 26 November – entry is free.

The only additional gear you’ll need over and above what you have already is probably a competition singlet.

You can get them for about €30 here, again it’s a once off cost.

There’s some other bits and pieces you’ll need to wear in competition, but you’ll have most of that lying around already at home. For a full list of everything you need, and all the other things you CAN wear, check out yesterday’s post here: https://revolutionfitness.ie/want-powerlifter-need-gear/

Cost wise, if you compete 4x in a year, you’re looking at a total bill of €260 [(50*4) + 30 + 30]. Not too bad when you see the level of professionalism the comps are run with.
I can say with absolute certainty, having never met you or seen you before in my life – you’re not strong enough.

You’re not strong enough and you NEVER will be. Once you get into this game you’ll always strive for more. And that’s ok.

But are you strong enough to enter a competition?

Absolutely 100% without a shadow of a doubt yes yes yes.

The only person you ought to care about beating is yourself at your next competition. Don’t worry about how much you lift, worry about how much experience and motivation you can walk away with. Going to competition will focus your training and help you improve faster in 12 weeks than you might do in 12 months otherwise.

Powerlifting is for everyone. Go back to the top of this post, look at the calendar and pic a comp.

The Irish Powerlifting Federation's National Team
The Irish Powerlifting Federation’s National Team

You’ll see their Leinster / Ulster / Munster Open competitions on that calendar – a lifter from any region can enter the comp, you’re not restricted by where you live. That’s just the location they’ll be in.

You don’t have to qualify for the Open series either, BUT you do need to qualify for national and international championships. You can find the full list of qualifying totals here: (look at 3 lift classic table) http://irishpowerliftingfederation.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/IPFQualifyingTotals-NN-2016-2305843009213928922.pdf
International Team qualifying standards are nuts. Gone are the days any munter could go to a world championships. Powerlifting is growing and developing into a real sport in Ireland, and with that, the standard increases annually. Don’t  be upset by how far you are away here: http://irishpowerliftingfederation.com/national-team/ (see pdf doc)

I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff… but that’s all I’ve got for now. Once you know the steps you need to take to enter a comp, today has been a success.

We’ll be talking about how to train for comps and what happens on the day at a later point 🙂

TL;DR – look at the calendar, pick a comp, train for it, enter



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