July 13

How Emma Dropped A Dress Size

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Emma joined RevFit’s Femme Fatale Transformation Program 3 months in the run up to her friends wedding. The idea of putting on a nice dress and looking amazing in it was the kick up the rear she needed to get going. Fast forward 3 months from our first chat and now she has more body confidence, can wear dresses she could never fit into before, has dropped an entire dress size and is finally happy with how she looks.

You can read her story below.

…. and the gun show is from that wedding she set has her first goal!!

photo 3-3

What changes have you noticed since you took part in the Femme Fatale Transformation Program?
I’ve noticed I’ve dropped a whole dress size 🙂 I feel loads stronger and have become a lot more body confident!!


What sorta impact has it had on your life? (…and do you still get to go out and enjoy yourself?)
Since starting training I have loads more energy!! I have healthy and delicious snacks in school that keep me fuller for longer. I still go out and play at the weekends and now I can borrow my sisters clothes so my wardrobe has doubled 🙂 I allow myself treats as I don’t see the point in depriving yourself and sometimes you need a slice of cake…


What made you bite the bullet and join?
I think there was just one main thing and that was I wasn’t very happy with how I looked!! I’d been trying to change it for ages and just nothing was working. I’d seen my sister and her results and knew that this would work for me!!


What’s been your biggest success so far?
Fitting into the red dress!!! My sister has this dress that I have loved ever since she got it but it’s never fit!! I tried it on after 2months with James and it fit with room for some cake 🙂 I felt amazing wearing it out for my friends hen and everyone said I looked great


What was your biggest fear prior to joining?
I was worried about becoming a bit bulkier ie too much of a body builder!!

Any advice for people before they start?
It’s been a great journey so far!! I’ve really enjoyed the changes I’ve made to my exercise routine and what I eat!! When you see the results you know it’s worth it.


Emma set her goals, worked hard and with our help and support – achieved every one of them. You can get a free fat loss coaching call so that we can help you get the same results by filling in the form here.


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