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The Difference Between RevFit Glasnevin and a “normal” gym


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Remember what it was like being back in school? The teasing and taunting in the playground… Calling someone fat was the ultimate slag. Even if they were. Most of the time it stung. But sometimes it didn’t.

Normally it only stings when you’ve some insecurity about being fat, or are already self conscious about your weight.

If you KNOW you’re not fat then some childish taunt doesn’t bother you. But my god if you’ve even the slightest twinge of self doubt, it’ll burrow under your skin like an infectious rainforest tick and eat away at you.

Facebook is pretty much my “playground” these days.

Sure, there’s things people say that bother me, but most of the time it rolls off my back. In fact, coming back to this blog post 3 months later to edit it a bit, I’ve completely erased my facebook newsfeed so I can’t see what anyone is saying about anything (download the facebook newsfeed blocker if you’re using Google Chrome!).

Anyway, one of those “rollers” is the whole price thing. 

That’s because there’s 2 kinds of people in this world in my experience.

Those with a “cost” mindset, and those with an “investment” mindset.

The cost people’s first question is “how much?”.

To them, a clapped out ’98 fiesta is the same as the new Ferrari – both’ll get you from A to B, and one is just more expensive for no good reason.

The investment minded person’s first question is “so what do I get?”.

And I always know from almost the first interaction with someone whether they’ll be a good fit for us or not.

This entire blog post actually came about as a result of a facebook post, truth be told.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.21.51


And because I’m a pedantic knob, and this is my blog… I’m going to pick apart the logical fallacies line by line.

In doing so, I’ll be explaining to this girl, and to you, exactly why you should invest in yourself and join RevFit Glasnevin – The Ladies t Transformation Centre.

She got her maths wrong here – The 12 week transformation program actually runs to €465 in total. But that’s still seems like a big number (…and it’s why we let you pay weekly). You could for sure join a gym, have access to many free classes, and pay for weight watchers and slimming world.

But let’s dig deeper…

What “is” €500 over 12 weeks.

€6 per day.

Here’s what I could buy with €6 per day.

± 3/4 of a box of cigarettes that I’ll smoke outside work to “de-stress” because my boss is such a dick

± A ice cold mocha cookie crumble frauppucino and a skinny blueberry muffin from storbucks (because I’m watching my weight)

± 1 pint of beer (oh my gosh that’s 7 per week!!) because I deserve it after a long hard day and need it to wind down

± I’ll save 3 nights and order a takeaway pizza from Dominos because after a week that bad I should treat myself, plus I’m tired and don’t have the energy to cook

± A cheeky naggin (that’s next week, after I drank my 7 beers) because beer is bad for you, and I just wanna get drunk and vodka will do the job

± A medium big mac meal from MaccyDs (diet coke tho) because I’m so hungover

± I might save it all up and go wild this weekend and go out for dinner on my own, or maybe Sarah’ll come and we’ll go dutch

± A burrito, just because no list is complete without a burrito

± Then I’m gonna save for a full month and go wild and buy a pair of G-Star jeans that looks like shit on me because I’m too fat after living a life of excess and not looking after myself

…and then I’m gonna keep moaning about it for another year and promise myself “next year will be different”.

See the only “scam” involved here is this – the SCAM I sell to myself about getting back in shape. About toning up, reducing my tummy and firming up my arms (…errr that is, if I was a girl!).

But not only that, I’m going to keep walking around in pain. 

I’m going to let my knees hurt

And I’ll let my back be sore because I’m carrying too much weight and have no core strength.

And do you know why I’m going to keep doing that? Because I’m not falling for some big fitness scam.

I’ve tried them all before and this one won’t be different. I’m different. Nothing works for me. I’ve given up and I know I’ll never be fit, healthy or happy again. 

So what if I’m only in my late 20s/early 30s?

It’s all over for me. The spread has hit, I’ve got big bones, all my family and friends are like that, and I just can’t see any way out.

You know what…. 


There is a way out. You’re just too bloody pig headed and stubborn to see it. 

That way out is definitely not…

“Join a gym, go to free classes & join weight watchers / slimming world”


Have you ever been a member of a gym before? Has it worked for you? Have you got;

> a roadmap to your goals

> an exact breakdown of how to get there

> a timeline for when you can expect to achieve them

> and a plan to maintain it for life?

When I say “gym” what do you think of?

Probably a load of girls in lycra who love nothing more than broccoli and burpees.

Lettuce munching cardio warriors who live a life or perfection and stare at anyone in the gym not doing the same.

Normal gyms are UNCOMFORTABLE places. They’re the McDonalds of health. Cheap, fast, mass service and passable quality.

You go in, start training, and hope you get it right. You might get a free induction and a check up every 6 weeks, but what happens in the intervening 41 days?

How do you know you’re doing things right, or whether you’re progressing the right way? Hell, how do you know if you’re doing things that are gonna hurt you instead of help you?

You don’t. Because you’re not being coached.

So you end up going thru the motions. Never really pushing yourself because you’re afraid you’ll get hurt. Never trying.

Sometime in those first 6 weeks you’ll give up, because you’re so disheartened at your lack of progress, and how crap you still feel.

And then you’ll let another year go by, and something will kick into gear. And you’ll try again. And fail again.

Want to talk expensive? THIS is expensive;

– Spending €300-400 on something you only use a few times

– losing a year of your life because you’ve failed to reach your goals

– repeating that process over and over again until you hit your 50s and are so exchausted by it all that you let yourself go, give up, get fatter, more unhealthy and never live to play with your grandkids.

THAT’S expensive.

You wouldn’t let your GP do brain surgery would you? Sure, they could diagnose an issue, but can they fix if it’s of major importance to you? (like a…. “oh no I’m gonna die” level importance).

That’s basically what we do. We fix major problems in your health and fitness.

We’re the fat surgeons. We’re the pristine operating theatre with the support staff to take you apart and put you back together.

A normal gym and its classes are nothing more than lip service to health and fitness. They’re exercising, or working out. They’re not TRAINING. They’re not a goal driven pursuit towards a better, happier, slimmer more pain free you. They’re not.

I could tell you all the things we DON’T do that makes us different, but I’d rather tell you the things we do do. Hell, I was in the middle of writing this blog post when one of the girls I train jumped in with a reply to the girl from the previous message on facebook.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.22.03

Here’s what Sandra got as part of her package;

> 3x semi private training sessions in the gym each week with our expert coaches who guided her thru all the workouts, thought her the movements, and watched over her to make sure she wasn’t doing them wrong or in a way that would hurt her. We’re also there to tell you when you need to push on, and how to make things harder so you get your results faster.

> The Femme Fatale body toning strength training system. This is our secret weapon. A training program put together as result of almost 15 years of collective experience helping people to look, feel and perform better. A program specially designed to not have girls looking toned, lean and sexy. NOT big and bulky

> 2x “at home” fat burning workouts per week so that even when you’re not in the gym you can still see progress. This will even save time because it means you don’t have to trek to the gym, pay for parking, change, shower etc etc. You can just get it done at home.

> The Mission: Reboot nutrition transformation protocol so you can turn those flabby problem areas into tight, lean, toned body parts you can be proud of. No starvation, no traditional “dieting” no brocolli and burpess. A nutrition plan built specifically for you from the ground up to suit you and your life

> A private Facebook group where you’ll have access to a dedicated transformation coach who’ll be on hand to motivate, support and guide you thru everything even when you’re away from the sessions. Because it’s not quick, and it’s not “easy”. Losing weight and turning your life around can be hard. You’ve been practicing the opposite for years – and sometimes you need a bit of support to keep you on track

If I was to draw a single analogy on this, we’re the difference between a bus and a limo.

A bus will get you in the general direction, but it takes longer, it’s smellier, there’s more things that can go wrong, and if the weather sucks, you’re getting soaked.

A limo gives you personal service, knows what’s going on in your life, takes you directly to the door of your destination and will make everything as easy as possible. You still have to show up to the meeting, but we open every door for you along the way.

And you know what, give me 12 weeks and I GUARANTEE you will get to the end of it feeling better than you have in years.

More confident, in less pain, breathing easier, happier, healthier, more energized and with a totally different outlook on life.

Those are just SOME of the reasons why RevFit Glasnevin requires a slightly higher investment than the traditional broken model. But like I said at the start, it’s not for everyone.

*** It’s only for people who are serious about making a change. It’s for people who’ve gone as far as they can on their own. Who’ve tried everything with no success. Who’ve lost the weight, regained it all plus interest and have no idea where to start again. If that sounds like you, fill in the form below and we’ll send you on some more information ***


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