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Another entry into the 20kg club

If you’ve over 20kg to lose, today’s email makes for essential reading. Not just because it’s motivational story of a golf mad RevFit member who did it, but because it contains the exact calories, training sessions and work he did since October 2017 to get there.(…in truth, I’m writing this email on 19-02 because by […]

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Derrie’s Deadlift PR

My training has been pretty shit since last July or so. After lifting at IrishPF nationals in July 2017 it took a bit of a nose dive. I’d a good day – a 250kg squat, 162.5 bench and 267.5kg deadlift, but it was below what I was capable of.That happens a lot in powerlifting. You […]

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I Started Wearing Shirts Again

I remember a long time ago having a conversation with one of my friends about how they wore hoodies cos it let them hide parts of their bodies they didn’t like. I was a bit surprised at the time to hear it because it’s not something I’d ever really considered.I never thought that a guy […]

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Why Does My Weight Yo Yo So Much

“It’s totally normal that you haven’t lost anything for the last couple of weeks despite following the plan exactly. If you want slow sustainable and predictable weight loss, you shoulda been a dude” – that’s a conversation I have with ladies on the regular.If you were born without a Y chromosome, you’re in for a […]

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